Healing Orlando & the USA

I woke this morning thinking of the Pulse club in Orlando. I imagined what it must be like to be suddenly responsible for taking quick action to save lives. Imran Yousuf came to mind again. He was interviewed by CBS News and estimated he helped 60-70 people get out. The beauty of him is his US Marine training helped him (unarmed) to act decisively to not succumb to the panic of the crowd and push past them to open the door to their freedom.

His actions are our model now. Let’s act decisively, push past the fear, and do what needs to be done to save lives and help others heal.

ImranYousuf-cbs Days ago I first felt angry, then just sad. This morning I woke with the renewed insights that a People needs healing wherever it is hurting the most, and that each of us can do something. Messages about healing are just talk. We need acts of healing. Send what you have to Orland, Florida. If you have prayers, then send those. If you send healing energy, send it. If it is friendship, take it there.

It is time to learn the strength – the Power – of Love that embraces and comforts those in pain regardless of our usual judgments or associations. It is an opportunity for greater unity. The human lives sacrificed were done so at an altar of life, the Pulse, an altar of unity and joy for the rejected. Let’s see that and not the madness of the perpetrator’s suicidal self-loathing. Let us wash away the blood stains in an overpowering light of healing.

It would seem there is a battle now for the soul of the USA, to bring it back from the nightmarish wonderings of its stray mythologies of weapons as “peacemakers”, of revenge and bloodshed, of ‘I don’t need you’; to quicken it to its true capacity for peace and unity.

We’ve been resting our ideals on the mythologiess of the past, which were only possible as laurels for those who enjoyed the promotion and empowerment society allowed them and who told these stories. But these came too much at the expense of others, crowded out as lessers. Now previously lesser identities of this legacy of dominance and discrimination are being brought forward to challenge this mythology that had only ever fueled and fevered white-male-heterosexual America. But even women had to work to be allowed to even place their hands with others on the steering wheel of our nation’s destiny.

I am confident that now all people of these previously lesser identities will bring themselves forward in greater unison to work past the ‘can’ts’ thrown at us over and over.

LIVES are worth more than tools. Those human lives are the unified will to put tools in the tool box where they belong until they are needed. Imran Yousuf did not need a weapon to save people. He only needed his love of humanity facilitated by training to act.

A weapon is a tool of last resort and if used too soon merely screams loudest to force a temporary silence. But a silence created by dominance, intimidation, and fear cannot remain, and is not peace.

We need to be a nation of people that knows what to do when we don’t have a gun or have run out of ammo.

I think we’ve metaphorically run out of ammo.

I much prefer a nation of people that clings to “God is Love”, not guns-n-ammo. The former sees peace as an obtainable ideal guided by hearts of brotherly love; the latter is caught up in the fear of mere survival, incapable of creating peace.

As a nation if WE the People of the USA want to do better towards meeting our shared ideals, we must think past the talking heads who yammer for living. We don’t need their affirmations or agitations. In fact, we can turn them off all together. It is better to look to each other for affirmation of our shared humanity. WE are souls of power who are here doing the co-creating of our human experience.

WE can do better and WE will.

WE can do better than thousands of lives lost each year to suicide and random acts of madness.

WE can do better than remain divided for the convenience of ego-driven persons who crave power and see suffering as an opening to their benefit.

WE can do better by our own communities than just memorialize the victims and wait for the next gunshots.

WE CAN do better and WE WILL.

Let’s work on this as a perpetual Father’s Day gift to fathers past, present, and future.

How many fathers this Father’s Day still have their sons because Imran Yousuf freed them? 50? 60? 70? Their gratitude must outweigh our grief.

It is time for WE the People together to push past fear and suspicion and open the door to freedom and to life. Let us act decisively before too much is lost.

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