Transits to the Nodes: making change Yours!

Note that a planet positioned square the Nodal axis will have shadings of both interpretations.

Virtually all these transits to the Nodes open up the possibility of encountering someone who shakes up or changes your life in some way, and helps propel you forward. In hindsight these relationships or people, even if they don’t stay in your life, can be perceived as meetings of destiny. Let yourself be inspired and keep the feeling with you.

Jupiter transits to Nodes: Go for it!

jupiter Parallel or conjunct North Node – Time to expand and believe in larger possibilities. Take a risk. Put yourself out there. Sometimes the most confident person to step forward is the one who is handed the keys to the kingdom. This window of opportunity may only last a short time. So don’t waste it.

Parallel/conjunct South Node – Get back to your place of greatest confidence or ability and get a new running start. There can be great outcomes springing from avenues you did not pursue in the past because you did not then have enough confidence in your ability, or just did not have the knowledge needed.

Saturn transits to Nodes: Good timing is important.

Saturns rings_sm

Parallel/conjunct South Node – You may find that some unfinished business from the past, particularly unresolved family or relationship issues, may be exerting an unavoidable influence on you now. It is also particularly important to take a look at any of your own fears, blocks, or grudges that have kept you tied to the past or kept others tied to you. Health issues that become a big problem probably have their root in these other unresolved issues. If you come up short in resources/time/energy to move forward in the planned way, then let go of the timeline or of whatever you cannot control. This is a pause, a time in which to be patient and simply take care of what is in your capacity for now.

Parallel/conjunct North Node – Shift focus from goals or timelines to the step-at-a-time practicalities of how to move forward. You might break down what went wrong on a time frame that was not fulfilled. What skills do you need to improve? Where do you need to take more control of your efforts instead of leaving them to others? Stay flexible and know this is probably about a detour that will allow you to continue on at a later time. Any health issues or other blocks that spring up can be ways of stopping the momentum of a bad job, energy wasted on others’ goals, so as to come to a rest before forming new objectives.

Uranus transits to Nodes: Revolution!

uranus Parallel/conjunct South Node – There may be some surprises from the past, that are necessary to later move forward. Early in life, this may actually be more related to your parent’s past than yours. It is also a chance to discover something more sparkling, scintillating within yourself and the makings of your life than you previously thought. The changes need not be bad simply because they are surprising. Its time to regain some spontaneity within your life as you already know it.

Parallel/conjunct North Node – You may have found life over the last two decades to have become too oppressive, too stuck. Now is the time to spring out of those limitations and allow yourself to try things you have been preparing for in some way, or even things you never dreamed you could do!
New energies can be discovered — if you are only receptive to them, not as the stuff of impersonal events or forces, but of a playful, benevolent universe full of crackling possibilities.
If something is presented that you can learn to do, or that allows you to intervene or even break free in a way you never thought possible, then do it. This is a way to discover parts of your purpose in life that those around you never could conceive. This means it truly can spring from you rather than from societal or parental programming. Just look for how it can bring the best,
most benevolent outcomes for you and others, and follow through.

Neptune transits to Nodes: A New Vision!

Neptune symbol by Leopanza, via wiki commons Parallel/conjunct South Node – Be very sure that you don’t believe everything that is presented to you during this period of 4-5 years. And don’t allow disillusionment in one area poison everything. This is especially true if there are themes of sacrifice and guilt implied. It may be that the wool has been pulled off your eyes about something, but learning something new does not negate related experiences at the emotional level. Learn to take a new view of your life and past that incorporates the new information. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. You still need the baby, and the inner child is still with you. Don’t take her dreams away.
Parallel/conjunct North Node – Imagine more. Dream more. Feel more faith bubbling up within you. This is not the time to allow conventional objectives or practices to limit you. Start by dreaming big, then working out how to get there later. Blur the old boundaries and their hard limits. Erode them completely.
This is the ideal time to pursue the ideal and seek a better vision of the future!

Pluto transits to Nodes: Transformation.

plutoThis can be a bit like the revolution of Uranus, but far heavier, from a deeper place within yourself. This is not rebellion or breaking free, but can even feel like a sinking into the weakest and strongest parts of yourself to reform everything that needs it so that you can actually move forward. This may mean some unavoidable withdrawal from previous investments so that you can rest up, rejuvenate your determination and start in a new direction.
Sometimes your life structures are just shaken up because you have been necessarily involved with people who hold different beliefs, ideals, or values. Those relations may pull away or you may find you can relate to them with a different understanding of your common ground.

Parallel/conjunct South Node – Endings during this time can seem to force you to lean less on others, and find deeper strength, but don’t cave into a shell of avoidance. You’ll grow past this and things won’t feel so burdensome later.

Parallel/conjunct North Node – Losses during this time can actually be the removal of blocks to your growth — in disguise. Let time reveal in what way. Don’t mourn these losses, but let them be shed by knowing their voids can and will be replaced by something better. You will find more of your power during this time if you just believe in yourself and stay plugged in the resources and support available to you. It will probably come first as an inner discovery before you are able to assert it outwardly.


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  1. v2t says:

    Thanks so much! I have tSatutn square the nodes and also square nSaturn at the North Node. I’m actually loving it! My health might be an issue. I’ve always been very healthy and suffered from inner turmoil. Something about my last heartbreak seems to have helped me see things more clearly and feel excites and hopeful about the future, and at the same time my health seems to be the worst it’s ever been..

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