Lunar Nodes and spiritual growth

Think of this lifetime as the next step.


South Node = back foot. This is the foot we push with.
North Node = where we land with front foot.

We have to have both. Both are part of you. You can’t take a step forward unless you’ve got a back foot to push with.

Those more familiar and comfortable things associated with the South Node’s position in our birth charts are the things that give us ‘push’ towards the next step in our personal evolution, which is symbolized by those things North Node-related in our charts.


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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  1. Brian says:

    Very cool visual image and metaphor, thank you Kannon

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