Physiology & Astrology: a study of height/size

Richard Kiel, actor, 7'2"

Richard Kiel on wikipedia, actor, 7’2″

I am soliciting birth data from anyone who knows someone personally that is exceptionally tall or large. There is a small handful of extremely tall public persons for whom we have full birth data (with some notion of birth time). There are professional basketball players, actors, etc.


Andrea the Giant, 7’4″, 520 lbs (via wikipedia) as shot by John McKeon
Wrestler Big Show, 7 foot, 450 lbs (via wikipedia) as shot by WikiMoon3.

I’ve collected a list of a number of the world’s tallest men and women from the last century or so, and the tallest basketball players, but I’m looking to add to that.

Of course, Jupiter is associated with largess and growth, thus growth disorders like those that cause extreme height and lifelong growth. But past Guinness record holders and wikipedia lists of such folks from around the world often with gaps in birth data will do me little good.

What I need are verifiable persons who were/are at least a full head taller than both parents, or in some way exceptionally large.

Please contribute by emailing me at kannonmcafee[at]gmail[dot]com – Thanks!


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