Janis Joplin: two birth certificates, two times

They don’t differ by a whole lot, but it is worth noting to make the point that the time on a birth document should not be taken literally.

This is a screen shot taken from the recent PBS documentary about her life. Great film by the way. It is a bit fuzzy, but I have sharpened the focus best I can. It appears to show 930 AM. That is 9:30 with the ’30’ underlined. This is an original document from the hospital as you can see. Click to view full size.

Here it is clearer (click to view full size):

This document is the “official” one on file with the state of Texas which was made the next month. Notice how it shows 945 (click to view full size).
Janis Joplin official TX birth certificate

The difference is 5° on the Asc. For many people’s purposes, not a big difference. But for those of us who value accuracy and precision this is huge. That is 5 years difference in culmination of secondary progressed aspects involving ANY calculated points to such natal points or other progressed planets. This is why good astrology does not leave such determinations to outside documents, but develops and keeps the rigor to test and know for certain the correct Asc. I’m not even suggesting either of these Ascendants is even correct, but that the astrologer should be able to determine that by using these times as starting place and having the astrological literacy to conduct tests and make the determination.


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  2. bigdonb says:

    You used almost the same words I use. A birth certificate is not sacrosanct, but it is the best place to begin a rectification.~Don B.

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    One of my favorite singers. Thanks.

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