The Jupiter-Saturn Balance

For the last couple months I’ve been experiencing the dual effects of Jupiter and Saturn transits to the Ascendant of my birth chart. Jupiter has been in transit conjunct my Asc 17VIR14, and Saturn square it. (In addition secondary progressed Asc has been conjunct sec.prog. Jupiter).

This has been a time of concentrated learning that has culminated in at least one decision to let go of a project (housing blog), allowing a small failure so I can get back some happiness. It may not be the only such decision needed to achieve that. There’s been no doubt of the more jovial, energizing influence of Jupiter, but its optimism led me to overreach in what I was taking on.

The best one can hope for from Jupiter is a feeling of greater benevolence, and optimism. Optimism means a larger, clearer perspective on life.

To spend an entire Jupiter transit or progression hoping and scheming for good fortune of some kind with no benevolence or larger
understanding to go with it is to waste it.

Jupiter is the expansion principle in which our optimism fuels a genuine feeling of the larger embrace of the world and all the good things in it.

It is the value of quantity in which we sometimes deceive ourselves that more is better.

We get a renewed sense that the ideal is achievable — but whose ideal? Our own imposed upon others? Ego gets expanded along with it, usually quite surreptitiously until it gets challenged. This expansion principle can operate quite well in our lives if we allow it room in a leisurely exploration of the world, rather than an expanded sense of obligation to do good. It is as important to find more good in the world that triggers joyful
interaction as to aim at some preconceived notion of good we must impose upon it.

Saturn’s energy is responsibility with longer-term planning.

If you are overloaded you will certainly feel it. It can help us see where we’ve gone beyond our reasonable limits trying to control too much, meet too many goals. The stress can be demanding — not good enough, not right, not fast enough, not on time, etc. The best we can hope for is a reasonable sense of how much to expect from our current abilities and time. Contrived social expectations only override these to our detriment and to others’.

Failure is not the worst result from Saturn’s influence. It is chronic displeasure from the demands of overreaching, attempting to take on too much or enact too much control, or a sense that our best efforts are doomed to damning disapproval.

Thoughts of ‘should’ and ‘must’ can become so persistent, swirling in amongst other healthier thoughts that we don’t even notice them anymore or notice how their combined weight drags us down or distorts our perspective on what we have done.

Remember, what you have attempted may not meet standard, but your worth as a person remains undiminished.

Jupiter is where we start to value quantity over quality. Saturn is where we run into the wall of limitations on quantity, and an earthy reminder of the importance of lasting worth.

For lasting happiness, balance must be found between growth and real capacity.

As we track the movement of these planetary bodies against the background of our birth charts, it is very helpful to see them both as subtle energetic helpers to discover where we are at and to take responsibility for choices we make.

Just yesterday I had to have a talk with my wife in which I apologized for being an asshole, negative, critical when she was not to blame for anything. I had simply taken on too much mentally that made demands on my time, pushing my mind and my nervous system past my real capacity. She had been patient and understanding as I butted up against my limits and felt more and more unhappy. My thoughts were filled with obligations or goals that were not realistic, all of which I had imposed upon myself. I acknowledged where I could be more in tune with her and what I could be doing that would bring us back into harmony. Letting go of the housing blog was a good failure. By seeing the choice between peace and harmony with my wife vs pressing harder and harder towards unreal goals not within my capacity, a little failure was easy to choose.


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  1. Maree says:

    Congratulations! Good on you for putting love for your wife, your harmony, your health and common sense ahead of ideals from self and the ego. Your honesty is refreshing. If more could do this we would live in a happier, less materialistic world

  2. Grandtrines says:

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