Salman Khan – Pisces Rising

Salman Khan - By Bollywood Hungama  - via Wikimedia Commons

Salman Khan – By Bollywood Hungama – via Wikimedia Commons

Sy Scholfield recently sent out an email with a chart for Salman Khan, one of the most famous and top earning actors in India. The 10:45 AM birth time given in the biography Being Salman by Jasim Khan (Penguin UK, 2015) is noted as the source chart for him which has 3° Pisces on the Asc. My study of it yesterday determined it is correct to the degree. Numerous life events validated this chart with only a slight adjustment. So I have added his face to my collection of Rising Signs for Pisces. You can see the slender tapering face, typical Pisces rising.

Salman Khan

As noted below Jupiter at 22 North is Contra-parallel the Mihdeaven at 22 South (and Jupiter 165°/Quindecile). Sun is contra-parallel Jupiter and sextile Asc, and Mars sesquisuqare Uranus-Pluto. All these helps his body building, which produces a more muscular physique than the typical Pisces rising type, but also tends to build up erratic impulses if any nervous or aggressive energies are not spent.

Moon contra-parallel Pluto at about 18 North, however, tends to build up a bag of bad impulses if internal disciplines are not practiced. Moon square Neptune added to this indicates alternating moods of insecurity and lurching emotions complicate his internal life, producing a slide towards mental health challenges and/or substance problems (seen in the 2002 drunk driving incident in which others were killed). Mars 20S36 is parallel the South Node, which indicate impulses and actions that can keep alive old patterns, urging one to do more of the same rather than venture forward in growth.

Mercury at the Midheaven is common to those who communicate and memorize for a living as this actor does. (Sun contra-parallel Jupiter also helps with dramatic projection and air of confidence). You’ll notice that Venus is sextile the MC, further indicating entertainment and the arts. Saturn is square the Midheaven, enhancing ambition, but risking problems at home.

Salman Khan - jupiter-midheaven

Venus parallel Neptune shows a dreamer and tender hearted person underneath it all. Its too bad men, especially those in the public eye, tend to cover it with bravado and ego. Great creative potential. Emphasis on charitable actions can do great things for others, as he is doing with his Being Human charity.

In my study of his chart I was tempted to play matchmaker and see which Bollywood starlet could make a potential mate for him, but I resisted this. He knows most of them, and if there is still no ‘settling down’ then there’s a reason for it. Maybe what he needs is not another starlet, but a down-to-earth behind-the-scenes woman who will see his ordinary side.


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