Jupiter-Asc transit/progression

I’m lucky enough at the moment to be enjoying a secondary progression of Jupiter conjunct sec prog Asc. It recently passed exact (0°00′ orb) and is still active. I can tell you that a number of experiences lately fit its symbolism.

First, the Asc/DC axis even in progressions means relational contacts, and I have gotten acquainted with two very key persons lately. Secondly, Jupiter-Asc means the potential for increased sense of well being, and I have certainly gained more in that area recently than usual given the effort I’ve put it to improve my health.

Also, Jupiter-Asc in Virgo strongly relates to writing and publishing. The writer’s group I started in April 2014 has restarted with a bang, with especially beneficial meetings for me this January. I took a turn in my own writing first to realize I’m not as good as I’d like to think, and still have serious work to do to develop my talent as a poet, and as a new fiction writer (although my instincts seem pretty good). Next, there were a couple important challenging insights related to my story (working title, This Is Not Utopia) that allowed it to be reborn after falling dead.

I could have sat on my ass, but the feeling of optimism (rather than indulgence) seems too good to pass on. Being proactive in utilizing such progressions is the key. Know the time period you are working with and what is reasonable to aim for.

I have also co-created with the Universe that I am making best use of this fantastic window of opportunity to the greatest benefit of Heather and me, and those connected to us. As a result of this I have felt urged to move forward with some things I’ve been delaying. Took at shot at powerball, but lost.

In addition to the great progression of Jupiter & Asc, Jupiter previously transited over my Asc (17°14′ Virgo), and is heading back there in Rx motion. So I will literally be getting both prog Jupiter conjunct prog Asc while Jupiter transits conjunct my Asc. You can see this as some kind of astrologer’s wet dream.

I plan to build up my health until May, then get more deeply involved in profitable work than I have in years. I truly prize the renewal of my health, the chance to publish my writing, and expand my involvements into the community with work/business.

Overall, the progressed aspect has been subtle (not overwhelming), more so than would be the case if I were not still experiencing some trying transits of Pluto conjunct my Moon, and Saturn-Neptune ganging up opposite/square my Mars, now Saturn 13 Sagittarius starting to square my Asc. Here in just the last week or so since that last transit started I’ve brought my relational interactions into an even more focused, limited dynamic. There was a death in the family this past Sunday. My family will be coming from Texas for the memorial service next month.

A lot is happening, but Jupiter, the Jovial planet does give each of us windows of opportunity, a subtle extra nudge of optimism and visions for growth. I will enjoy it fully and utilize it to the fullest for all of us.


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Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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2 Responses to Jupiter-Asc transit/progression

  1. Pisces Rising says:

    My descendant is 18 Virgo and my Progressed Jupiter is Virgo 22 (natal 10 Virgo). But since Jupiter is in fall in Virgo does that change things?

    • Well, its not bad. Its just the nature of Jupiter there focuses it more than a Pisces type typically would.

      I failed to mention this Asc-Jupiter progression of mine is happening in Libra. Only my natal Asc is in Virgo.

      Both signs still allow great scenarios for windows of opportunity for major growth.

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