Copper biocircuit health recovery

My efforts to recover from exhaustion and hormone depletion would be almost futile without the copper biocircuit. This was my 3rd day of daily use. I’m using this circuit you see here twice daily 12-15 minutes until I am able to reduce the time of each use to 4-8 minutes, maybe in a couple weeks.

Copper biocircuit 002

Just got back from a 30 minute easy walk that warmed my hands with circulation. Then lay down and hooked up to the biocircuit for the 2nd time today. It really works well after you’ve been exercising and moving energy through the body.

Got great deep relaxation with the help of some slow deep belly breathing. It leaves me both kinda heavy grounded down into my body, yet stronger. Today I actually gained in strength and energy over the course of the day in spite of waking up a bit stiff and sore at my sacrum/pelvis area.

This really makes the herbs and supplements work so much better. Tribulus pulled me out of the testosterone depletion (signaled by a sore, weak, stiff lower back, and a gone sensation there + pain in my hands when gripping faucets to turn them off). A Qi & Yang formula including Atractylodes, Jujube, Astragalus, Jioagulan, Dipsacus, Eucommia, Black Sesame seed, Schisandra, and Reishi concentrates plus Antler Glue has helped tremendously as well.

But the real difference was made in the last couple days with twice daily use of this X-circuit.

I have some spare copper mesh. Let me know if you are interested.


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