The best Kombucha

The is the only time I’ve actually endorsed a product of any kind as singly the best, most outstanding of its kind.

SOMA Oak Cast Kombucha

I’ve had this SOMA brand Oak Cask Kombucha twice now. The first time I drank only half the bottle and saved the rest for Heather it was so good. It is as good tasting and as enjoyable as any craft beer. That first half a bottle I drank also completely cleared the back of my tongue of all the thick whitish furry coating that I could not brush off with a toothbrush. (Internal yeast/candida flare-up).

Yesterday I drank an entire bottle and I have to say it contains quite a tea buzz. So it is definitely not decaf.

What makes SOMA brand so special is the probiotic count, which is way, way higher than any other brand. It is brewed at traditional potencies. Most commerical kombucha is very skimpy on the probiotic culture. And SOMA contains multiple probiotic species and families.

In the past I have used things like sugar deprivation, special diet, and more recently, Candex enzyme supplement to combat yeast/candida overgrowth. Now I am much more optimistic that I can bring my internal micro-organisms into balance through SOMA Kombucha. Sometimes killing or otherwise eliminating micro-organisms is not the best way, especially if the germ is not life-threatening in any way. With good kombucha, we can actually add in better microbes to change the balance of internal flora.

SOMA has a lab report that documents their trillions of probiotics. I will link it here as soon as I find it. Here it is:


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