Yerba Mate superior to Coffee for daily go-juice

Okay, so most of us really enjoy coffee, at least occasionally. But I’m talking daily habits here.


– The average cup contains 120-150 mg caffeine as the only xanthine alkaloid, a ‘hard caffeine’ effect.
– Is strongly acid (pH 5.5) and lowers blood pH the more you drink.
– Is strongly diuretic and flushes out important nutrition (Vitamins C and B-complex, minerals).
– Contains no antioxidants after roasting.
– One cup promotes stimulation that lasts 3-6 hours, but doesn’t necessarily promote health for everyone.

Yerba Mate:

– The average cup contains 30-60 mg caffeine and 3-7 mg theobromine for a more balanced effect.
– Has about the same pH as coffee.
– Is diuretic, but less so than coffee, and replaces much of the lost nutrition (B-vitamins, potassium, magnesium, zinc).
– Contains an average of 5x greater antioxidant power than green tea.
– One cup provides stimulation and increased metabolism that can last all day for some, but averages at least 5-7 hours in my experience.

Brew Yerba Mate at only 170F max — never with boiling water! Boiling water degrades the antioxidants rapidly.

Yerba Mate


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