Incarnation process

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Outline of this page

I. A soul choosing a birth horoscope
(a) Birth is an inter-dimensional event
(b) The crucial moment
(c) Death in reverse
II. Edgar Cayce on Astrology & Incarnation
(a) spiritual, physical, and soul birth
(b) examples in the Cayce readings
III. Reading Material

A Soul Choosing A Birth Horoscope

Birth is an inter-dimensional event

Whether or not specific deliberations are made regarding the exact horoscope the soul will have upon incarnation, there are choices made as to which doorway between dimensions will be chosen. One cannot simply jump between dimensions at any time/place. There is order to the universe, which functions as a coordinated multiverse. This means there is a partition between dimensions that opens for very brief moments at frequent intervals. Planetary alignments paired with earth rotation can signal such openings. Astrology is a means of setting into place default subonscious urges towards one’s soul development and fulfilling the original purposes for incarnating.

Incarnation Asc select

As you can see in my rather crude illustration, in-carnating is the soul consciousness descending into biological matter in line with the Midheaven, which sets the physical location. It is not certain from our perspective what choice the soul will make as to its birth horoscope Ascendant. We merely observe the mother’s delivery, the arrival moment, as if it were the emergence at this end of a tunnel. That is our starting place in determining a correct horoscope. The correct Asc is hinged to this observable event within about a 5-hour period, but it almost always requires at least a little adjustment to the Asc of the horoscope to get the chart dead-on accurate so that it is exactly in sync with the soul’s intentions for incarnating.

The Crucial Moment

Ever hear people’s accounts of their Near Death Experiences (NDE)?

While looking down upon their bodies on the operating table or in the Emergency Room, many have become aware of their ‘self’ as being attached to their body by an etheric, silver/blue cord, but suspended outside/above it and able to observe in three dimensions.

The crucial moment in the birth process that sets the birth horoscope exactly, fixing it into the glands and cells of the body, is the moment at which a soul commits its etheric cord (spirit) to the body of that little baby. Not one second before, not one second after.

The birth process is death in reverse

For a person in the near death situation, the decision to go on, to die, is to remove that etheric cord from their dying body and leave this dimension. The real death does not occur in terms of the Soul’s reality until that decision is made. It makes no difference if the person is technically dead medically speaking. That body can come to life again if only the decision is made.

Same with the birth process, only in reverse.

This is why many people do not relate to the Rising Sign indicated by their recorded time of birth. It may be the one over the Asc at the moment of the delivery of the newborn, but not the one over the Asc when the crucial choice was made to commit one’s spirit to that life.

5-hr range

Edgar Cayce on Astrology & Incarnation

There are a number of distinguishing features of Cayce’s use of astrology. One of them is that Cayce stated astrological birth charts are the decision of one’s soul’s choice for incarnation and are subject to the application of free will during life on earth, which he stated was more powerful than astrological influence. Another feature is that he distinguished between physical birth and what he termed “spiritual birth” (as well as “soul birth”). This created some understandable confusion when he occasionally answered questions regarding the accuracy of the querent’s birth time/birth chart. This led him to sometimes give more specific statements regarding the birth process.

The definitive information these point out has been left somewhat obscured because of the way in which Cayce delivered readings and the difficulty in searching the readings database for astrological information. Cayce often did not use astrological terms exactly as we astrologers do.

However, here is an excerpt from reading #488-6 which highlights exactly the point made on this page:

12. (Q) Give exact minute of physical birth, Feb. 11, 1911, to enable entity to ask for explanation of astrological laws governing entity.
(A) This, as we find, as the record has been made of same, is near right – to the second; and while at the entrance of the entity into the earth’s plane and the spiritual and physical birth varied little, there was the PHYSICAL under one sign and the SPIRITUAL under another! Hence the doubts that often arise, from an astrological view.

The doubts occur because the person is not actually the personality (or physicality) of the rising sign of their physical birth moment, but of the adjacent sign (spiritual birth). The 20-year-old male querent did not ask which was the correct rising sign and Cayce left it open for his further investigation. Unfortunately no time of birth was specified in any of the readings for querent 488, so we cannot cast a chart for illustration.

Reading 566-1 for a two-year-old protestant girl (b. 14 April 1930,

Lippincott’s Hospital, Madison Ave. & 60th St., New York City) was quite


11. (Q) How long a period between the physical and spiritual birth?
(A) Some four and a half hours.

This would put the time for the horoscope back 4.5 hours previous to the recorded time of delivery. The parent inquiring was astute enough to understand the distinction between Cayce’s use of ‘birth physical’ and ‘birth spiritual.’

Reading #275-25, given 7 January 1932 for an 18-year-old female also addresses the matter of birth and astrological charts:

3. (Q) Give exact time of physical and soul birth on Jan. 17, 1913, in the present incarnation?
(A) Yes. There was, as counted as time, thirty to thirty-five minutes difference in birth physical and birth spiritual. The variations as occur, as has been given, are as the elements that make for those forces as termed hereditary influences, with environmentals as builded for; as with this entity in this particular experience, through the environments of that, or the present sojourn, would meet those of the cosmic forces, or meet the karmic forces in cosmic AND physical influence in the present. Hence some call it, or such relations, destiny. Some call it meeting such, when the conditions have been prepared by the activities of self.

4. (Q) What was the time of physical birth?
(A) As given, there was thirty to thirty-five minutes difference.

5. (Q) Why was there a difference, and what did soul do in interim?
(A) This has been given.

Notice how Cayce ignored her use of the term ‘soul birth’ because she was not understanding its proper distinction from ‘spiritual.’ The time of physical birth that had been recorded or told to her was correct and the time of spiritual birth either preceded or followed by about half an hour.

In reading #457-10 a mother-to-be was inquiring about all nature of matters relating to birthing a child and the incarnation process:

16. (Q) Does soul enter child at conception or birth or in between?
(A) It may at the first moment of breath; it may some hours before birth; it may many hours after birth. This depends upon that condition, that environ surrounding the circumstance.

So Cayce distinguished between body, soul and spirit as definable aspects of each invdividual and their incarnation process. Spirit or “spiritual” was distinct from “soul” and both distinct from body or “physical.” Soul refers to that eternal aspect of our being that is our spiritual heritage. Cayce sometimes used the term “entity” when discussing the totality of the soul. Spirit is the life force or divine energy that animates and is the source of vitality of an individual (as in “spirit is the life”).

Soul Consciousness (the eternal you) transfers of its own volition from what we consider a non-material dimension into material form as a soul makes the choice. The timing of the delivery of the body is of secondary importance.

Reading 1599-1 for a 54-year-old female divorcee:

63. (Q) Please give exact time of physical birth and spiritual birth.
(A) These as we find coordinated almost as one. In the evening, two-fifteen. [afternoon]

Here is an example where the chart as cast conventionally, giving 11 Leo on the Asc is agrees with the correct Asc (incarnation moment) of 11 Leo.

Cayce querent 1599

Reading Material for Further Investigation

Astrological Revelations by John Willner

The Rising Sign Problem by John Willner

Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation
All Rights Reserved


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