Cancer: the forbidden cures

Note that I have given specific details where possible about herbal ingredients.

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary from Jason Greenwood on Vimeo.

Outline of Contents

I. Essiac tea, an herbal formula made popular by Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse, originated from an Ojibwe Indian healer.

The formula is composed of Burdock root, Sheep Sorrel aerial, Slippery Elm bark, and Turkey Rhubarb root.

· E-tea from Nature’s Sunshine:

· From Essiac Products:

So successful was Rene’s work in concert with medical diagnosis and oversight that she was given her own building for a clinic in her hometown, where she treated people for over 8 years.

rene caisse clinic rene m caisse cancer clinic

II. Harry Hoxsey treatment of herbal formulas given to him by his father.

Here is another preview of film about this that may be well worth watching:

And a follow-up film:
Hoxsey DVD

III. Dr. Max Gerson nutritional and dietary therapy.

More than just juicing, this is well-known and detailed at

V. Gerd Hamer’s, ‘new German medicine’ – unresolved psychological traumas resulting in particular kinds of tumors, depending on the trauma.

VI. Laetrile from peach/apricot seed, dubbed Vitamin B-17.

Drs. Ernst T. and Ernst Krebs, John Beard & trophoblastic theory of cancer formation. (Edgar Cayce recommended Almonds for a similar, but preventive effect).

laetrile more effective quote

laetrile case histories world without cancer

Conclusions of Dr. Kanematus Suguira’s study of Laetrile:

1. Laetrile inhibited growth of tumors
2. It stopped the spread of cancer in mice
3. It relieved pain
4. It acted as a cancer preventive
5. It improved general health

VII. Shark cartilage – antiangiogenesis substance, preventing the formation of new blood vessels to feed tumors.

sharks dont get cancer antiangiogenesis

VIII. European Mistletoe Viscum album, V. flavescens

A plant long-held sacred in europe, used to make Iscador for treating cancer. Used to treat cancer for at least 100 years. Immune booster, increases cytochones, boosts macrophages. Vasoconstrictor. Berries are toxic. Use only the leaf.


This film left out the most forbidden cure: Cannabis

Cannabis contains two significant anti-cancer agents, possibly the most broad-ranging and effective: Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC). These come in varying forms depending on the state of the plant when the medicine is made. Juicing raw leaves is an extremely effective food and medicine, and delivers THC-A that is non-psychoactive. Note the articles at

However, I would not suggest that anyone rely on Cannabis alone to cure cancer. And at this time even possessing it presents significant risks of prosecution for people in most legal jurisdictions, which can add anxiety that can thwart the healing process. Best to go where it is legal and plan an extended stay so that enough therapeutic benefit can be gained if your research determines it is right for you.


There are other herbs that also work specifically against tumors: Chaparral, Kelp, Poke root, Suma root, and many more; no one of these may by themselves be considered curative. Herbs work synergistically for a better, more well-rounded effect. Curing — healing — is actually the function of your body/mind when given what it needs to work with — not the function of another person.

In addition, you will need a peaceful, encouraging atmosphere in which to heal, as well as overall constitutional support that comes from a well-rounded herbal/nutrition program, possible dietary changes, even possible energy balancing/stabilization. The situation with cancer has become more complicated in our ultra-modern environments. Don’t expect what cured grandma to cure you.

So don’t think of any one of these or any combination of these treatments as a ‘cure.’ Think instead of the intelligence of your body and its desire to heal if you set your mind on this intention. YOU have the power to cure yourself of any disease and NO ONE can take this from you. Get good help, but know this power is yours. You might succeed, you might fail, but this power is yours and yours alone.


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