Herbal strategies for chronic fatigue

Having recovered from chronic fatigue myself I know how complex and widely varied these conditions can be from person to person. With natural medicine we don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. A survey of your symptom patterns and a look at your tongue can help customize a therapeutic program for you.

One principle to keep in mind …

Low energy doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have enough energy in your body. It may simply be blocked and bound up.

Effective energy balancing can have enormous benefits for someone with chronic fatigue. This can be achieved with acupuncture, biocircuits, the Edgar Cayce radial appliance, and probably many other tools.

Many cases of chronic fatigue are at least partly toxicity syndromes.

If the liver is bound up this way it can drag down the body’s energies, circulation, and your mood.

Sometimes the body energies are bound up with the processing of toxins that are constantly coming in from one’s living and/or work environment. A certain amount of detoxification is necessary before energy tonics (Qi tonics) are very useful or worth the expense. Without such detoxification energy tonics often will boost energy, but irritate so that the effect is uncomfortable, even agitating.

Airborne, waterborne, and dietary toxins can contribute, but the sneakiest sources that generally do not get full examination from health professionals are the toxins in the structure and/or air of your home affecting the air you breathe or water you drink.

Pathogenic earth zones can contribute to toxicity/fatigue syndromes, stressing the nerves, and appearing like mental health problems in persons with no history of it.

Earth Radiation - Kathe Bachler

There are places over which you do not want to have your bed or work area. Consider if you have developed an aversion to a particular room or area, particularly if this developed after a move or a rearrangement of furniture.

It is imperative to move the bed back to a safe location if such a situation has occurred. No healing can take place until then.

Contact me by e-mail or phone for more specific help with this type of situation. There are not many natural practitioners, even well-trained professionals who understand how to deal with this. I know of no medical doctors in the U.S. who understand this or are any help with it.

Herbal strategies

Very often a person with chronic fatigue is anemic or nutrition-deprived even if this does not technically show up on blood tests. Complete blood counts are metered to include the wide range of nutrition levels among people presumed healthy. Anything that is lowest 20% or so of that wide range of ‘normal’ should be considered a target for supplementation.

Alfalfa and nutritional (brewer’s) yeast can remedy a number of nutritional deficiencies.

First, make sure there is adequate rest, deep sleep, and an appetite. So we first target the base functions using whatever herbs are required to get there. That is in addition to nutritional supplementation. Nervines are often most helpful, since a lot of chronic fatigue is as much brain/nerve exhaustion (neurasthenia) as any immune deficiency. Immune deficiency should be seen separately from simple exhaustion. The homeopathic remedy Kali phos can be used in low (over the counter) potencies for great effect.

Second, energy tonics can be used if there is no significant toxicity. If there is some toxicity, Astragalus, Licorice, or Jiaogulan could be used. Blood tonics may have to be used before energy tonics, particularly for females.

As always, if a person presents with a bright red, full tongue indicating inflammation the strategy is far different from a person with pale, dry, cracked tongue showing deficiency.


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