Cancer CAN be cured

It should be understood that no one should expect a single silver bullet cure for any kind of cancer. Cancers are complex and difficult disease states rooted very deep. They require rest and relaxation, and a flexible customized approach.

Medical therapies

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski of the Burzynski Clinic of Houston, TX has developed two different medical therapy strategies, anti-neoplaston treatment, and targeted gene therapy.

Here are very in-depth documentaries showing Dr. Burzynski’s research and the results for specific patients.

Part 1

Part 2

Natural treatments

There are a number of herbs known to be effective against tumor growth. Suma, Chaparral, Cannabis (Hemp), and many others. These herbs are safer than the standard approach of carcinogenic radiation and harsh chemo-therapies given by medical orthodoxy.

Some people, according to Dr. Jacob Liberman have successfully cured themselves of tumor diseases by getting out from under fluorescent lights and into natural light while resting from the stress of their previous work lives.

The Naturopathic doctor I interned with and worked for in the 1990s has cured herself of cancers multiple times.

Never accept that there’s “not a cure” for any kind of cancer. There is a way to healing for every disease. Throw of the mental slavery of false choices and despair.


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