The revival of real medicine

Politically-socially-economically what we’re talking about is freedom of choice in medicine to facilitate a return to people being responsible for themselves, and allowing and helping each other do that. The freedom, indeed the right to choose the medicines and therapies that work well for each one of us personally, rather than having an arbitrary range of (legal) options pre-determined for diagnostic disease categories.

This has unavoidably become a political matter.
We will have to fight for the right to choice of treatment.

This means medicine that is inclusive, and preserves the best approaches to allow people real opportunities to feel well again. Some people will only ever heal if they can get in touch with their Soul again — the essence of life that runs through them and connects them seamlessly with the past-present-future.

I am not a diagnosis.
We are not diagnostic disease categories.
We are not diseases.

We are People.

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The convergence of chemical medicine, profiteering interests, and increasingly mechanized, technology-driven developments has slowly, but steadily de-humanized the practice of medicine into a technologically-driven bureaucratic system. This means if your condition does not fit within the understanding or current categories of this system, you may be unable to find treatment (that works), or even respect, tolerance or compassion. You may even be seen as a faker trying to get attention, someone working the system.

Dominance by technology and bureaucratic systems is dehumanizing. Chemical technology has managed to de-nature and de-humanize medicine with its extraction of ‘active’ ingredients of plants and hyper-concentrate them to an unnatural degree.

Real Medicines are difficult to distinguish from foods. They come from the same place.

Real Medicine is difficult to distinguish from spirituality. They come from the same place.


Real Medicine is Wholistic and Includes the Soul, which modern systems know nothing about.

Medicine works to the degree it helps you function and live a balanced life full of options towards personal fulfillment. If it makes you dysfunctional, clouds and hides your problems from yourself, obscuring your options, then it — or its application — is already detrimental. That is not medicine.

It is time to see drug dependence on a far wider scale.

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The person who immediately runs to the MD for antibiotics at the first sign of infection is at one end of the scale. The person who constantly uses concentrated chemical drugs for pain or any combination of concerns or conditions is at the other end. The label of “addict” is irrelevant here, because that is also part of the paradigm of authoritarian chemical medicine system of our society – “better living through chemistry.” The system claims chemicals can fix you and a segment of our society is in constant search for the big “fix”, even if they don’t understand what they are trying to repair.

Politically, legally, socially — YOU are the final judge of what medicine works for you. YOU have autonomy over your own body, the space it occupies, all its internal workings. YOU have responsibility for it.

Don’t let anyone demean you in any way for being unable to
articulate exactly how you feel or why, or what condition your body is in.

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Besides natural medicine traditions (chiefly Ayurvedica/India, and TCM/China) have ways of helping smooth out even your various moods naturally, and being informed by them to better understand the imbalances to be corrected long-term.

Economically, all approaches to medicine should be affordable and accessible, and its workers service-oriented in their attitudes, not plagued with attitudes of authoritarianism or expertitis.

Nature has always been accessible, and is still far more affordable to us than the big pharma-driven medicine.

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But when society is more in a process of destroying nature than studying and conserving it, how is it possible to continue developing medicine with it? (not just from it)

Modern medicine can at times be very good at the analysis for diagnosis and the procedures for saving lives. But prevention — generally, no. It relies far too much on reductionism and public health propaganda rather than putting its time and energy into how it can better serve the needs of individuals.

Preventive medicine is really health building and maintenance.
Modern medicine’s specialty is disease management.

We all need access to the benefits of modern medicine. It is good that my insurance covers ultrasounds twice yearly of my gallbladder to check on the little polyp there. But the MD’s ashen look of dread when first informing me of its presence there belies the level of fear and incapacity that permeates modern medicine. Modern medicine’s ability to diagnose far outstrips its ability to treat. Get diagnosed, but don’t accept the limited range of options imposed upon you by the narrow ruts MDs move in for treatment.

No, you’re not going to remove my gallbladder. I’m going to my grave with all my organs and glands, thank you. I need all of them. I didn’t need those impacted wisdom teeth, but I’ll keep everything else.

The real meaning of medicine, as native Americans understood it (some still do) is that it is any good thing that makes life good.

When you pair this with joyful gratitude you’ve got something extremely powerful.

The way to find balance is to stay close to the spirit and gifts of nature. The way to healing is to stay close to the inner wisdom you possess.

A return to nature is threatening to societal hierarchies and systems. It always has been. It is more than a return to the forest, the jungle. It is a return to the wisdom of the body, to the wisdom of the feminine — or to the journey to discover it for the first time.

You don’t have to be a rebel. Just follow your own internal wisdom and be all in for doing whatever it takes to heal and be well, no matter what society says.


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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