The most natural healing

There is no greater healing than total self-acceptance.

This can be achieved without any outside help, although the greatest help I got from others induced this.

I am not talking about your potential or an acceptance of some vaguely defined better or higher self. I am talking about the very human, flawed self you already know. When we totally accept this self and are okay with it, then we can transcend it. There is no more access to a higher or better self until we do.

Love does the healing, because Love is the Power.

It is beauty that helps us transform and when you see the beauty of you, it heals you.


No need for gurus or charismatic personalities or those claiming to possess THE THING you need to heal. The essential ingredients are first wtihin you — to trust yourself and reach out for help that feels right to you. To reach only for what affirms and lifts up the human being that you already are and puts you into a better place of consciousness.

Nature offers great potential to heal, but we simply do not discover those things unless we are paying attention — TO NATURE.

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They are generally not in the news headlines.

Modern increasingly technological society does not offer this in any significant way. You must seek it out. People think of plants or herbs as weak medicine because they do not seek out information and those with direct experience.

The deepest contact with have with nature is first within ourselves, within the fabric of our structure as living beings. DNA discoveries allude to great things to comein healing and medicine, but we must have a well-rounded perspective on it. The current popular notions surrounding DNA is that research has shown some diseases to be “genetic” in which that word is synonymous with “inborn” and “cannot change it.”

But your DNA is in YOU. You possess it.

Just because you are not expert in detailed intellectual knowledge about it does not mean your consciousness lacks a direct relationship with it. Scientists, doctors, and family lineage do not own your DNA or your relationship to it. Instead, actions, environment, and intentional consciousness give us opportunities to heal — in the manner of steady growth-change.

Do you need a degree in electrical engineering to flip on/off a light switch?

Before I came to Oregon 6 years ago I had many years of health issues, migraines, cluster headaches, chronic/recurring fatigue & exhaustion, cachexia (underweight), among other struggles with unemployability and very limited personal material resources. I weighed 95-97 lbs from age 19-39 and normally had little energy reserves.

Within 1 year after moving to Oregon, finding the love of my life and the best place to live that I could imagine, I began gaining weight while remaining physically active and broke 100 lbs for the first time in my life. I kept gaining weight until I reached what I had long known to be my ideal weight of 115 lbs. The migraines have subsided quite a bit and I finally found an effective pharmaceutical prescription medication that I can use as backup if my natural medicines (homepathics, herbs) fail.

None of this was happenstance or luck. It was all a direct product of:

· Energy healing that pulled me out of severe depression (Reconnective Healing) and helped me better identify fear-based thinking and simply not follow it with actions;
· Changed consciousness that led to learning of my greater spiritual power to change myself and create my life in cooperation with Spirit (Kryon material – books 1 & 2, and others; Gregg Braden’s ‘God Code’);
· Life changing decisions that were indicated by my spiritual life that further improved my home life, putting me in the best place in which I could blossom (move to Portland, OR);
· Saying yes to companionship (Heather) that totally changed my day-to-day life; now I have a partner who accepts me as I am — a work in progress — who accepts me exactly where I am in that process.

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That is self-acceptance. When we achieve it within ourselves we can offer it to others — and get it in return. What a concept! It reduces stress, allows a fluidity and adaptability in life that allows for continued growth without the stress that comes from resisting unavoidable change.

Change is after all, the only constant in the universe.

That is part of nature too. So remember, we cannot find help and healing in nature — within or without — while we are fighting change. The question is simply in what way will we change?

We become more whole, well-rounded, more diverse, more at peace — or disintegrate. Death is not disintegration. Dis-ease in our consciousness is disintegration.

So rather than grasp at ‘natural cures’ or be enticed into jumping for false claims attached to this diet or that one, it is better to simply find self-acceptance — no matter what it takes. Accept the body you have and become friends with it. Live with it in acceptance.

Then do whatever it takes to keep your joy up, to keep the energy flowing through you. There are times when that simply means a low energy state of peace. Peace is the foundation of joy. Without peace underneath it joy is mere stimulation which can easily lead to anxiety and fear. What’s the joy in that?

The most natural healing can begin when you simply let yourself be, and stop fighting the good vs bad game, the better vs worse game, and realign consciousness with what nature offers that is so often free or inexpensive. It lets you breathe easier — and sleep easier — and enjoy your Self.

Healing is for those who want to truly enjoy being a living part of planet earth while they are here.


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Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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