3-Year Old Identifies Past Life Murderer

German therapist Trutz Hardo is one of Germany’s leading regression therapists. He tells this story about a young boy who identified his own past life murderer 4 years previous:

Trutz Hardo’s account:


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4 Responses to 3-Year Old Identifies Past Life Murderer

  1. Pisces Rising says:

    Gotta love karma to ID your murderer.
    I have an obsession reading all things Tudor. Haven’t made any connections tho. I also think I’ve been other races. I’m not prejudice at all.

    • Oh I’ve definitely been various ethnicities, especially Chin/Chinese/possibly Tibetan. Along with probably pretty much everything else, including Amer. Indian. (I don’t like the word ‘race’ because I think that if we are just one species, homo sapiens, then we are just one race). How we are with prejudice is a pretty good measure of how we are with ourselves and in our soul growth. Kinda hard to be spiritual and whole if you are prejudiced against an ethnicity that you were or will be, huh?

      This is why cultures, subcultures and all religions have their place. They are the vehicles through which we develop into more well rounded souls.

    • Pisces Rising says:

      My belief is if race/ethnicity were so important – why is it when we physically die we leave our skin behind? And the answer, of course, is that it’s not. We’ve got to learn to focus on the inside more than the outside which is infinitely more important..

  2. I absolutely agree.

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