Benedict Cumberbatch & Sophie Hunter birth charts

VirgoBC Benedict Cumberbatch married Sophie Hunter on Feb. 14th so I’ve finally got what I need for a verified birth chart for him. Last month on his blog Sy Schofield posted a birth time of 12 noon taken from the biography by Nigel Goodall.

Of course “12 noon” is the most dubious birth time of all in my experience, followed closely by “at the stroke of midnight.” So I take noon as just a starting place not a precise figure by any means. Using my rectification skills I’ve been able to determine that Cumberbatch is not Libra rising like the time suggests, but Virgo rising. Notice the classic tapering v-shaped face. A great example of Virgo rising.

Here is the correct chart with the transits for his wedding day.

Venus & Mars transit opposite his Ascendant.

The most specific activating transit for this wedding was actually Mars 2N18 (mid-day) contra-parallel to his Asc 2N33. In addition Venus squared the Midheaven.

Cumberbatch wedding transits

The progressions and transits eliminated any possibility of Libra rising, which should not be surprising since he doesn’t display a Libran demeanor or physicality.

The guts of Benedict’s birth chart…

Virgo rising can be a role player of the chart is colored by creativity, energy close enough to the surface (fire and air), and some type of emphasis on communication.

Sun conjunct Mercury, which is conjunct Saturn, which is conjunct Venus is not a bad emphasis for a serious, ambitious actor. Those Leo planets definitely bring more self-assurance to this Cancerian man.

The tight conjunction of Venus and Saturn virtually guarantees that relationships are taken seriously (adding more privacy to his already private Virgoan nature) and that marriage was unlikely until around age 30 or after.

One of the striking things about Cumberbatch’s birth chart is found in the declinations. 5th house cusp 20S33 is nearly exactly parallel Neptune 20S38. That is only an orb of 0°05′. Actors and theater are associated with the 5th house, but Cumberbatch’s chart has no planets appearing in the 5th house of the flat wheel chart we see. But that aspect in declination takes care of it. And look at the 3 planets in the opposite house of audiences (11th): Venus, Saturn, and Mercury.

An even more striking factor is the nearly exact parallel between Moon 11N45 and Pluto 11N47. This is where a lot of the strength, intensity and drive come from. I think it shows even in his intense eyes.

With Moon receiving Sun’s light by applying square and applying to opposition with Uranus, you can expect a lot of internal energy close to the surface (Aries’ fire) needing to express itself.

So how does Benedict’s chart compare with his new bride Sophie’s?

Note: I did not take any of her planet positions into account in doing Benedict’s chart rectification/validation; the comparison was not necessary because he and his chart factors were clearcut enough alone.

Sophie Hunter noon planets

Click the image below enlarge data sheet comparison in another tab.
Benedict - Sophie data sheet

By See Li [CC BY 2.0   ( )], via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by See Li, via Wikimedia Commons

Well, first Sophie’s Venus 2N19 (noon time) is parallel Benedict’s Asc 2N33. That aspect shows her affection for him and is an excellent start to this synastry. Also her South Node 2N22 is parallel his Asc.

Sophie’s sun at 25° Pisces is opposite Benedict’s Asc. That is a classic synastry dynamic for partnership. Sophie’s Mars at 23° Cancer is conjunct Benedict’s at 26° Cancer.

On the day of Sophie’s birth the Moon ranged from 16°41′ – 28°36′ Gemini; 17N49 – 18N12 declination. So we can see that her Moon +/-18 north is unquestionably parallel his Jupiter at 18N09.

Moon parallel Jupiter is one of the best synastry aspects a couple can share (along with any other angular aspect between them). It encourages acceptance of the partner, renewing optimism, humor and goodwill. It promotes domestic harmony and ease of relating that overcomes any differences of personality.

In addition, Sophie’s Jupiter at 27° Gemini is sextile Benedict’s Moon at 28° Aries. This makes an even better synastry!

Sophie’s Sun is sextile Benedict’s Jupiter. Sophie’s Jupiter is square Benedict’s Asc, so this shows her tendency for generosity with him and not obstructing his self-exptression.

Sophie and Benedict’s synastry is very good.

There is only Benedict’s Moon squaring Sophie’s Mars that could stir things up a bit with some occasional irritations or tiffs. Also Benedict’s Pluto opposite Sophie’s Mercury and Venus. Benedict’s Mars is parallel Sophie’s Pluto. I count that one as negative because it can be so intense, but it may not actually be negative at all for very creative, ambitious people whose energies are well directed. There is so much Jupiter

The sum total of their synastry aspects without having a birth time for her is still very good: a ratio of 2:1 favoring positive aspects over negative ones. (I count 21 positive and only 10 negative synastry aspects). This is like a dream for an astrologer to see for a couple. So I’m happy for them.


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