Using astrology without superstition or fear

There are lots of astrology websites. Many if not most of them are simply efforts at grabbing suscribers/buyers to pump up their numbers, get advertising and more revenue and to keep you coming back. The astrology on many of these sites is mediocre to bad. I’m referring to candy-colored, flashy sites that offer everything from instant ‘horoscopes’ to sites that sell prefabricated interpretation reports that can actually be pretty good as an intro. My introduction to astrology was with such a report that I purchased Dec. 1995 from the A.R.E. that made use of the writings of Robert Pelletier.

And then there are the astrologers. Some are very good and some are not so good.

Avoid the sun sign-based ‘horoscopes’ and sites entirely. If it doesn’t even require a birth time/location from you, its crap.

Its tricky. There are many kinds of astrology and they each have their own schools of thought and somewhat different terminology. In no way is astrology practice standardized. Nor should it be. There is and should remain plenty of room for variation in perspective and practice by different astrologers.

Its best if you are dealing with an actual person who is an actual astrologer using their actual name and who doesn’t mind showing themselves to you and giving a bit of biography.

Use astrology for learning about yourself, loved ones, and to help in making big life decisions. In other words, it should create clarity about yourself and others, not fuzz them up with stereotypes.

If you are a student or attempting to learn more in-depth ask yourself, “Is this getting clearer to me or am I more confused?”
If you are more confused, then put aside astrology for a while and let it sink in subconsciously while you are not mulling it over. Astrology deals in archetypal information that can tap into the powerful superconscious (big picture wisdom), but not if there is any anxiety or confusion blocking the way.

What not to do

What some people do with astrology is ‘go begging for trouble.’ In other words, they already have certain things in their lives well established and running smoothly, but in the gap of understanding of the astrological language a confusion emerges when they attempt to see themselves or their partner or their relationships through astrology. This often creates confusion which leads to doubts over things that are just fine.

I’ve got some bad transits moving through my 7th house of relationships … is he cheating on me?!

Confront him! If you don’t have enough basis for doing that, then look at your transits as framing challenges for you, possibly outgrowing insecurity in the above example.

It is best to come to astrology with a Clear Intent:

– Wanting to understand yourself better – that is always #1.
– Wanting to understand another particular person better.
– Wanting to understand people in general.
– Wanting to understand the cosmos/life better. That’s a big one. Don’t start there.
– Wanting specific answers to specific questions, ala horary. That can become a vice in which a person actually loses touch with their own intuition. So use this very selectively when big life decisions feel too challenging to make w/o outside input.

Of course, your intention may be more specific and unique to you, but you get the idea.

If you are already anxiety-prone, just avoid predictive astrology completely (trends, etc) until you overcome this.

If some part of astrology induces anxiety for you, then it has revealed fear to you that you can now identify and overcome. We all can let our minds wander too far into the future with ‘what if.’

Instead take what information you can handle and use it well. Use it to create a better you and a better life.

For students

I’ve been studying astrology since 1996 and using it in my life with others since 1998. What I have found that works is a principle that guides us in anything abstract or that can get complicated….

Keep it simple! (And go slow).

I don’t mean over-simplify or dumb down the universe for our convenience. I just mean start with the basics and stick with them as priority and the default reference point. Read different astrologers’ interpretations of certain astrological factors for more insights rather than getting bored the basics (natal interpretation) because you ordered one such report and have read it a few times.

I’ve seen too many people confuse the hell out of themselves, create anxiety and unnecessary worry simply because the priority they gave to relying on astrology reached past their astrological understanding.

Defeating fear, anxiety and supersition

This generally happens when you approach astrology without a sturdy sense that you are in charge of your own life and you are worthy of happiness.

Astrology is complex and the planets, zodiac, and stars are way out there in the big fuzzy arena of nebulous influences. This leads some people to over-dramatize them to make them seem more real. Don’t!

Of course, don’t knock it either. Astrology can be a potent tool for personal development and happiness if used in a balanced way.

Healthy attitude: My life is in my hands and I have good support around me for creating a great life.

Superstition/fear: Some bad things have happened in my life and more bad things could happen again. I better consult a ‘horoscope.’

What A Horoscope REALLY Is…

Horoscope from the Greek, horo “hour” – skopos “view” — a view of the sky at a particular hour. It refers to a specific time in which the positions of the heavens with all the planets are seen and located for the purpose of creating a chart – horoscope – that then can be used for specific purposes, answering specific questions, or in the case of a person’s birth chart, seeing the astrological starting place that influences that person’s life.

What most often are referred to as ‘horoscopes’ are not. If it does not require your location and time of birth then it is not a birth horoscope that you will be getting. The term horoscope has fallen into such disrepute with astrologers that many simply do not use the term anymore, but say “chart” instead.

If a site offers so-called horoscopes, but does not ask you for a time and location of birth, drop it. It is using questionable or phony astrology based on sun signs alone.

So it may seem like I’m speaking against astrology being used for entertainment or enjoyment. No, but I’ve seen too much astrology operating at this level promote stereotypes and prejudice, as well as confusion, delusion and superstition. We need to get beyond that.

Healthy attitude: I can learn more about myself and my loved ones to help me better accept who we are by obtaining a good astrological portrait of me/them.

Superstition/fear: If I don’t consult an astrologer or my horoscope one of my loved ones might betray me or something bad might happen to me or them.

Some sites will actively play on these fears and anxieties with lures of luck, money, sex, fame, soul mates, etc.

That is how you know the level at which they are operating. If such sites are using these kinds of base-level appeals then they are attempting to use marketing to just sell, sell, sell, and probably to overcome the poor quality astrology they offer.

Many fairly good astrology sites offer all kinds of reports: love reports, parent-child reports, future trends etc, etc. It is not necessary to purchase all of these to know yourself and live your life.

Some people live their lives without astrology at all. So its certainly not an all-or-nothing proposition. If you’ve got an astrologer who sends out newsletters or e-mails frequently asking if you’ve had your progressed chart done lately, or your solar return chart done, or your this-that-or-the-other, you can probably find a better astrologer. They’re trying to make a living, sure, but see how you can do more with less information and follow your own better instincts. That’s what astrology should point to and affirm anyway.


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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