Energy cycles: Mars transits

We can never get more out of the world than what we put in. So we know that the luck we have is the luck we make.

We also cannot accomplish everything all at once, so the universe has furnished us with fluctuating energies which in the form of astrological transits, etc, create windows of opportunity and open doors for us. We may not take advantage every time, but that does not mean they are not there.

We put into the world when we assert ourselves actively and that means energy to make the effort. Mars transits are a bit of wind a our backs that can help us be a bit more physical, a bit more assertive, a bit more decisive.

So I thought I would put into perspective how we each get windows of opportunity to push forward with efforts and how often these actually occur, sometimes without us being aware of them.

Mars transits occur more often than you might think. This is because you get plenty of angular Mars transits in declination. These are transits making parallels or contra-parallels to your natal planets.

I will use the transits of Mars to my own chart for this illustration.

I will start with today, 16 February 2015:

Mars 1-2 degrees south declination transits parallel natal Uranus 1S31.

Mars 1-2 degrees south declination transits parallel natal Uranus 1S31.

Mars is at 27PIS40 / crossing 1S30 declination (-1*30′). This makes an exact parallel to my natal Uranus 1S31. After days of weak knees and back and tightness in my low back, being unable to do much but cook and clean up a bit in the kitchen, I’m bustling about, catchin up on laundry and cleaning after cooking a big breakfast, and feeling better and better the more I do. Mars in angular aspect to Uranus creates kinetic or kinesthetic energy, the muscles and nerves are affected and peripheral blood circulation enhanced.

Let’s take notice that with Mars transits, especially to other fire/air planets, the emphasis is on effort and action and ‘get-r-done.’ This sometimes means forgetting things like drinking enough fluids, which happened today for me for a while. So I had to do a bit of catch up drinking enough fluids. Extra activity, even if only say 20% extra, can burn up more fluids than usual, so it is important to counter-balance that fire with … water, of course.

These energy peaks will be somewhat controlled since Saturn at 4 Sagittarius now transits opposite natal Mars 5GEM32. This may continue the off/on dynamic of my recovery so far. It has not been as smooth as I’d like.

On Feb 25th Mars will move up into north declination and make a
contra-parallel to natal Uranus. More kinesthetic stimulus to help
continue my recovery (post-pneumonia), get more blood into the muscles and get a bit more active. This is like a spark to get a little fire going.

Mars moves to 1-2 north declination, contraparallel natal Uranus.

Mars moves to 1-2° north declination, contraparallel natal Uranus.

It will also be squaring natal Mars at that time, so I will keep in mind that for a day or I may feel a bit forced to stay active outside my comfort zone.

As often happens longitude and declination transits occur nearly simultaneously. Mars will be opposite natal Uranus on Feb 26-27th after it has made the contra-parallel to it. However, if you are looking only at the zodiac position of Mars in such a situation it may appear as if the Mars opposition is beginning before this when Mars is not yet within 1° of natal Uranus. That is the declination transit — the contra-parallel.

Then in early March something happens that is a little surprising and lets us see something of the wonderful serpentine action of the sky acting upon one’s personal astrology in a way that simply is not noticed at all by conventional astrology (that ignores declinations). When Mars moves to 11 Aries and squares natal Moon 12CAP08 (March 6-8th), it also passes 4° north declination. That means it is coming within range of parallel to Asc 5N03. That will be a big energy boost that will continue
until at least March 11th, probably giving me the nudge I need to get back to more reasonable routine activities on a daily basis.

Mars transits square natal Moon simultaneously parallel natal Asc

Mars transits square natal Moon simultaneously parallel natal Asc

This happens while Jupiter 13LEO47-r makes a transit quincunx natal Moon. So the Mars-Lunar effect is somewhat expanded, but with qualifications. Quincunxes often mean return to previous activities or unfinished business — especially during the Rx (retrograde) period of the planet’s transit.

Yes, Mars will pass over natal Chiron 8 Aries before this happens and I did not mention it, but I will mention it now since it will make a parallel to natal Chiron 5N31 as well towards the end of its parallel Asc. In my experience this will likely help reveal any gaps or weaknesses in my overall physical health picture as I get more active. That has just become the norm in my life and this will be no exception.

Uranus at that time 5N21 will be activated by Mars so that they will both be parallel Asc briefly. That represents truly a new start in my life in terms of identity, activity, freedom, etc. I expect some surprises, but overall it is probably the time in which I will begin gardening/farming again and/or the start new outside work, possibly at an herbal retail center here in Portland.

Look how many Mars transits have happened already and we’ve not even covered a whole month. Yes, this is an especially active slice of my 2-year Martial cycle, but not terribly different from what others may see in their own charts.


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