E-juice reviews for nicotine vaporizers

My wife Heather is stopping cigarette smoking by switching to vaporizing instead. This requires finding nicotine oil or “e-juice” that is clean and doesn’t switch new toxins for old ones.

Heather first tried an inexpensive e-cig from a convenience store. Don’t bother. It gave her headaches and she could not continue using it. These are laden with toxins that are more immediately irritating and problematic than cigarettes themselves. Here a couple other things she’s tried and our assessments:

Blue-raz exotics by LOTUS – OK. She used the mixed berry flavor. Does not cause her headaches. Not sure about continual indoor use, since it is not free of propylene glycol, but definitely better than the Majestic. OK for outdoor use.

Majestic brand e-juice – NOT recommended. Very toxic. Don’t use indoors and preferrably not at all. Last night my wife brought some of this home in the form of the flavor “Ice Maiden.” She took a couple puffs here in our apartment and within minutes we were both having headaches. I also was feeling an irritation in the heart area that did not subside until clearing out the air with the windows and doors open and a box fan blowing on high. It took an hour to clear it out. That is really toxic! It was 85% vegetable glycerine, but clearly the other 15% is the problem: propylene glycol and possibly some toxic flavoring chemicals.

Virgin Vapor is the best choice we can find for 100% pure e-juice made with only vegetable glycerin. So she plans to order from them: http://www.virginvapor.com/cart

Remember, for now this is a totally unregulated new product in the marketplace. Already the FDA here in the U.S. allows propylene glycol to be included in food products, deodorants and other things that go onto or into our bodies. So now propylene glycol is included in most e-juice or nicotine oil. It acts to control viscosity and flow in liquids and solidity of gels in other products.

Propylene glycol is anti-freeze. We know it can kill cats with a single ingestion. Best bet is to not buy or use any such e-juice or nicotine oil that contains any amount of propylene glycol or other unnatural, toxic flavors.


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