Finishing off pneumonia with herbs and homepathics

Inevitably it seems that pneumonia or bad bronchitis involves severe coughing that either cracks a rib or bruises up your rib cage to the point of great discomfort. This becomes a problem when you stop coughing or don’t cough well enough to get up the remaining phlegm trapped in there. Then you are at risk for a relapse.

I’m determined to not let that happen, so I’m taking Arnica 200c and it is slowly decreasing the pain and allowing me to cough strongly enough again to get up larger chunks.

I have yet to get the official interpretation of my x-rays taken Wednesday, but there appears to be no fracture of any ribs. The muscle response test of the homeopathic litmus test for a broken bone, the remedy Symphytum was negative, but for Arnica it was positive, leading me to believe it has been just bad bruising.

The inside of the rib cage can get bruised up badly and cause quite a lot of pain even if no rib is cracked. This is when Arnica montana, in either 30c or 200c potency can help. Take daily dose(s) to heal that up. You can also rub Arnica gel (normally a 1x potency, but still effective) on the skin over the sore area a few times a day.

I am also taking American Ephedra (Ephedra nevadensis), perfectly safe and legal. It contains no ephedrine. However, it has the same general benefits to the surface and lungs of the body as Chinese ephedra (Ephedra sinensis) as a warming diaphoretic and broncho-dilator. Its just half the strength of the Chinese variety. I’m taking 3/4 tsp of the powder twice daily for now.

It is this later period of recovery that is so critical in preventing relapses. We’ve collected quite a supply of herbs that benefit the lungs in some way: Pleurisy root, Licorice, Ephedra, Chickweed, Marshmallow, Fenugreek, etc. The key is changing what you are taking to match the current need. Even Thyme can be very helpful for those with phlegm or infections in the sinuses, to clear out mucus and allow easier resting. Make tea with it or grind it up in your coffee grinder and put it into capsules. Take at least 3 capsules twice daily. A lot more won’t hurt you.

My wife is taking Agarikon fungi (mycelium). The stuff didn’t feel right to me when I held the newly arrived bottle. But she feels better after taking it. So it is clearly an option for some that works as a respiratory/immune strengthener. They sell it at:

Stay warm and well.


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