So in spite of my horrendous respiratory condition in which it seems my new full-time job is hacking my lungs out until I’m red in the face and in possession of none of my previous dignity, I have been able to get a bit more work done on the Rising Signs page … New entries soon to show up are:

  • British footballer, David Beckham, Taurus rising
  • George H. W. Bush, 41st president of the U.S., Virgo rising
  • Julia Roberts & Cameron Diaz, Cancer rising. This is the sign that is most lacking good examples, so I’m working to do that now.
    Already added are …

  • Lynn Redgrave, Martin Luther King Jr, and Serena Williams — Aries rising. MLK has been recorded as Taurus rising for decades because of his ‘noon’ birth time, but that is wrong. I will be eventually featuring his chart and explaining it in detail here on this blog. It will get a permanent place here.
  • Joe Pesci, actor; Sigourney Weaver, actress; Billy Crystal, comedian/actor; Daryl Hannah, actress — all Taurus rising
  • Muhammad Ali, boxer; Johnny Depp, actor; Ashley Judd, actress; California Gov. Jerry Brown; rock singer Freddie Mercury; Katie Holmes, actress — all Leo rising
  • Nikolas Sarkozy, 23rd president of France & Tiger Woods, golfer, Virgo rising
  • Venus Williams, tennis star; Jennifer Aniston, actress;
    Laetitia Casta, model, Libra rising
  • Former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher; Robin Williams, comedian/actor; Al Franken, former comedian and current Senator from Minnesota; Jim Carrey, actor/comedian; popular singer Diana Ross — all Scorpio rising
  • Ellen Degeneres, show host/comedian; Anne Hathaway, actress — Sagittarius rising
  • Rosa Parks, Nat King Cole, Paul Newman as Capricorn risers
  • Oscar Pistorius, Orlando Bloom and David Bowie as Aquarius risers
  • Whitney Houston, Pisces rising.

Each one of the examples I use has either already had the chart validated or I am confident enough in their rising sign to put up their face and do the validation later. They get tossed out if I was wrong.

You will notice that this produces a much clearer pattern than the indecipherable nonsense over at astrofaces.

Cameron Diaz’s chart is a very interesting one, because it contains some exceptions and rarities that will make an interesting feature as soon as I can put it here and explain it.

Enough for now. Just like to update people because when I put up a ‘page’ for a permanent place on this site, I don’t believe it gets sent out to subscribers as a ‘blog’ post. Let me know if I’m wrong.


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  1. Pisces rising says:

    Witrh Cameron Diaz marrying for the first time recently you have another verifying marker.

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