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So I’ve been ill and my recovering has had some bumps. Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve added some celebrity birth chart examples of good rectification [George ClooneyAngelina Jolie], or that gorgeous portrait of Sigourney Weaver in the Taurus rising section of the Rising Signs page. I’ve got other ideas too, but have been delayed due to some sleep irregularities and headaches.

Those headaches were partly due to the difficulty of finding verifiable Taurus rising celebrity examples to satisfy me. I’ve already got enough, I guess. Time to move on…

Cosmos with Neil de Grasse Tyson

Recently my wife and I have been watching this series and I think it is even more well done than the first one with Carl Sagan from 1980.

I’ve had some insights and thoughts related to astrology and light that I’ll be pursuing here in articles and permanent pages. Scientists often position themselves against astrology, as Carl Sagan did, but we should always be informed by science and not put off by such superficial assessments.

What a lot of such monumental thinkers are doing is attempting to reaffirm reason over superstition and fearless inquiry over fear of the unknown. I harmonize with those notes in my own way here.

Some other interesting notes hit by Cosmos include Isaac Newton‘s struggle to get his observations recognized that he summed up in this volume:
Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica by Sir Isaac Newton

Neil’s description of Newton’s struggles on the outs with the Royal Society and his retreat into isolated work and hints at Newton’s character made me think Scorpio. Sure enough, Newton’s records at astrodatabank strongly suggest Scorpio on the Asc and expert rectifier Isaac Starkman’s work lands that Asc on 5° Scorpio. I agree with Scorpio on the Asc, although I’m not sure I have the guts, or willingness anyway, to attempt a rectification for someone born so long ago. In any case kudos to Starkman.

Isaac Starkman’s rectification of the birth chart of Isaac Newton

Taking a look at Isaac Newton’s biography on wikipedia I found this poem, Newton’s epitaph, by Alexander Pope:

Nature and nature’s laws lay hid in night;
God said “Let Newton be” and all was light.

Maybe the two best lines of poetry in the English language I’ve ever read. I found them euphorically satisfying as a poet who would love to be able to sum up someone’s humanity and life so succinctly.

I’m sure there will be other notes of interest as we continue watching Cosmos. I highly recommend it.

I’ll be elaborating on light here on at least one astrology page as I get deeper into explaining what we need to know about our entry into the Earth’s sphere (birth) in order to make more accurate birth horoscopes.

Herbal Medicine

I’m slowly making a transition to being in a position to help realize my wife’s dream of having a coffee/tea shop/reading room. I will bring the herbal part into the mixture with medicinal and flavorful teas and tisanes.

In the meantime I will continue writing here about herbal medicine. I’ve got some partly finished articles that I may finish at any time to post here. My articles will largely look past trends and fads relating to herbs and health and pull out underlying principles and look longer at natural medicine traditions.

Turning artsy-fartsy

Took me a while to get to drawing as I intended, but I’ve finally done it with this flyer for the writer’s group here in St. Johns that I started back in spring:

St. Johns writers flyer

In a time in which computers and digitalization is taking over everything, its nice to sit with crayons, pencils, pens, markers and paper and do something like this. Drawing came easy when I was a kid and I was good enough at it that later my dad said as a youngster my perspective was even better than his at that age. That was surprising since my dad is a landscape architect who I thought could out-draw me anytime. And he’s a fantastic poet.

My drawing feels very rusty at the moment so I was satisfied to do something flat that only needed to get across a specific message and be colorful enough to get attention.

I’m looking forward to adding some other illustrations, some hand-drawn, to pages on this site. But that’s all for now.

I think I’m going to venture out all bundled up to the library to pick up some Reggae music. Listening to Jah Cure’s Wrold Cry CD right now:


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