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Angelina Jolie
photo: Remy Steinegger, derivative work, license cc-by-sa-2.0

Angelina’s chart is a perfect example of when rectification is needed and the differing results, particularly when the declinations of all points and planets are considered. The usual chart for her shows an Ascendant at 28 Cancer with Venus there in Cancer right there on her Asc. Now she is certainly a beautiful lady, but that is not enough to confirm such an Asc.

Problems with the 28 Cancer chart

  • Her body type is athletic like a Leo type, not mermaid-like as for a Cancer/Venus type.
  • Her face is essentially rectangular, not rounded as with Cancer & Venus types.
  • The Cancer/Venus Asc would predispose her by personality to take a more passive ‘wall flower’ approach than she does.
  • Cancer rising at any degree, especially conjunct Venus does not match the take-charge initiative she displays.
  • It is not an action movie star chart.
  • It shows an emphasis on travel due to the stellium of 3 planets in the 9th house.

Her career, personality and physical features favor an early Leo rising chart

Most insightful about her personality is a quote easily found on wikipedia:

Jolie had a serious boyfriend for two years from the age of 14. Her mother allowed them to live together in her home, of which Jolie later said, “I was either going to be reckless on the streets with my boyfriend or he was going to be with me in my bedroom with my mom in the next room.”

That is not at all in line with the adolescent development of the genuine Cancer riser, which is typically characterized by the search for security amidst change, not a brave earlier sexual experimentation, a fiery quality of a stronger personality.

It would be very easy to say that because she has adopted so many children (3) and had 3 more of her own that Cancer rising must fit, but that would be a superficial analysis, since Leo types can display just as much love of children. They just go about it differently with a fiery modus operandi.

Suggestions from the transits

Angelina survey marriage1 transits

Looking at the transits for the date of her first marriage we can see that this chart is not far off. There are Neptune and Uranus both near the DC (7th house cups) of her chart, indicating the general timing of a relational event(s).

Look at Uranus 3AQU54, which would be the ruler of a Leo rising chart. It would be in its home domain in the 7th in an early Leo rising chart and would be clearly opposite an Asc in early Leo.

Corrected chart

Angelina transits separation Jonny Miller 9.97

Notice that Uranus at 5° Aquarius at the time of her separation from first husband Jonny Miller (Sept. 1997) was still opposite an early Leo Asc.

Now look at Neptune’s position at 2°17′ right on her Descendant on 3 Feb 1999, the date of her finalized divorce from Jonny. Also look at Mars 2°55′ Scorpio square this Leo Asc.
Angelina transits divorce1 final

This is how transits can sometimes indicate a more exact Asc. However, planetary factors like Venus here so near the Asc can create confusion at the least and false confirmation at worst.

Updated: Angelina filed for divorce 21 Sept 2016

The rectified chart posted above progressed for this event shows the following:

This chart, progressed to the date of the divorce filed by her 19 Sept 2016 shows a number of relevant aspects at/near culmination (orbs in minutes of arc):

* Progressed Moon/4th house bi-quintile natal S.Node (exact that day); this can indicate timing of an emotionally relevant event in order to free oneself from past patterns.

* Prog Sun/significator of Asc [21N30] parallel prog Saturn [21N31] (12th house) indicates a period of dealing with hard truths, doing a bit of heavy lifting to maintain a standard or ambition.

* Prog Uranus/ruler 7th square natal Sun/ruler of Asc (03’applying) – this is a ‘breaking free’ aspect of nearly a decade’s duration due to prog Uranus’ rate of movement of only about 1/2 degree/year.

* Prog Mars/10th quincunx natal Neptune/5th (03′ separating) indicates attitude changes, a reorientation related to career and children/creative output.

* Prog Saturn applying to near exact square natal MC/IC suggests a time of building tensions in career/domestic life, challenges producing pronounced stress in her domestic life; such aspects give the general timing of separations, breakups.



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