George Clooney birth horoscope

George Clooney’s recorded birth time (2:58 AM,_George) suggests he should be Pisces rising with Pluto in wide opposition to the Asc. On the surface with Mars in the 5th house and Moon-Saturn in the 11th it would appear to fit (for those immediately looking at house contents, but this is not accurate birth chart. Clooney’s highly engaging, casual manner are clearly of the nature of the positive polarity (+) of the Fire or Air Elements, not Water intensified with Pluto. Yet there is only Venus in Aries and no air to be found anywhere else in the chart causing us to look to the previous sign of Aquarius for an accurate Asc. And that is where the correct Asc is found as seen in this chart with his recent marriage transits (Jupiter transited opposite the Asc in 7th house of relationships):

Geo Clooney (validated) marriage2 transits

Clooney’s chart is a great example of numerous aspects to the Asc (AC) 11°44′ Aquarius, 17°16′ South.

Let’s first look at the declinations not shown in the circle chart:

  • Sun 16°29′ North is Contra-parallel Asc
  • Moon 17°48′ South Parallel Asc

Now the aspects in longitude:

  • Jupiter 6°33′ Aquarius conjunct the Asc
  • Sun 15°30′ Taurus square Asc
  • Neptune 9°48′ Scorpio square Asc
  • Venus 13°s04′ Aries sextile Asc

These aspects are perfect for drama.

Principle: when the right kinds of aspects are made to the Asc, the usual house placements are not necessary.

All three major principles of drama Jupiter, Sun, Neptune plus the principle of entertainment, Venus, are in aspect to the Asc in George Clooney’s birth chart. This creates an emphasis on such energies without the need for house placements in the 5th and/or 11th (normally associated with creative output and audiences).

In fact the Jupiter square Neptune aspect connected to Clooney’s Ascendant is enough to turn his interests and talents towards drama

Then there is the communication principle, Mercury, conjunct the Sun. Such Mercury factors are essential to actors who must memorize lines, enunciate and use their voice in a variety of ways.

Clooney’s chart shows a freedom-loving personality with the Asc in Aquarius near Jupiter

This shows he can be very at ease working with others, pouring on the charm, doing things big, but at times this is in conflict with the practical and more negative polarity (-) energies of Sun-Mercury in Taurus and Moon-Saturn in Capricorn.

Let’s not reduce George to just his profession. What else does his chart indicate about him?

  • That he has a very private side as indicated by the conjunction of the Moon and Saturn in Capricorn.
  • That he has a temper that sometimes erupts after exercising restraint as seen by the Moon-Saturn conjunction being opposite Mars in the first degree of Leo. This is an aspect which generally indicates that there are some things that are so irritating that one must exercise great restraint to tolerate them from others.
  • That he probably has an exaggerated response to alcohol (or difficulty in drinking very moderately) and completely blows the ability for restraint as indicated by the Jupiter-Neptune-Sun t-square connected to his Asc.
  • That he can be at least a bit indulgent and enjoys the good life with friends as seen in Jupiter conjunct his Asc.
  • That he has humanitarian leanings that will probably increase with time as seen in that same Jupiter-Aquarius factor.
  • That he is down-to-earth and practical and a good communicator as indicated by the conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Taurus, and feels the need to communicate his feelings as seen in the declination aspect of Moon [17S48] contra-parallel Mercury [18N27] which is also contra-parallel Jupiter [18S59].
  • That there is a strong drive to succeed and exercise influence as seen in the aspects of Mars Parallel Pluto at 21° North, Pluto square Midheaven (MC), and Saturn Parallel Midheaven at 20° South. This Saturn-MC aspect is also a practicality factor for understanding step-by-step sequential efforts to reaching goals. Pluto square Midheaven is one of those aspects that can drive someone to take what they do all the way to the top, a ‘mover-shaker’ aspect. As you may know, George was first visible as the minor character Booker Brooks on the Roseanne show. Now he’s a big movie star and high powered filmmaker, director, and producer.
  • This Mars Parallel Pluto aspect is also one that can indicate a very strong unconscious ‘push’ that can occasionally lead one to pushiness. Also enhances ambition and sex drive.
  • That there is an emphasis on making money as seen in Venus in the 2nd house where the 2nd-8th house pair is the site of an interception, creating an emphasis on generating income, wealth, possessions — borrowing and properties.
  • There is also an emphasis on serving the public in some capacity as seen by the three planets in the 12th house, paired with an emphasis of three planets in the 7th house showing the need to be involved with others: with Uranus and Pluto this means a transcendent effect, not a purely mundane one.

Clooney’s birth chart also indicates great potential to organize others for achieving a greater cause

This is from a combination of the Jupiter/Aquarius Asc plus the practicality factors of Moon-Saturn/Capricorn and Sun-Mercury/Taurus.

There is also a tendency to speak abruptly

Jupiter near the Asc can help develop one’s larger perspective in life, one’s judgment. Add to this Sun and Mercury squaring Uranus and you get the urge to think creatively, sometimes just to do things differently, and a rebellious streak. There is a willingness to be outspoken in a way that may offend or at least part from the status quo. He may be a charmer, but he’s not an ass-kisser.

It should be no surprise that George married a human rights lawyer, activist and author (Amal Alamuddin)

Amal Clooney photo UNICEF UK Not that anyone would have predicted it, but when you add up all these factors, particularly the Jupiter/Aquarius Ascendant, it makes sense that he can appreciate the values of a human rights lawyer, his new wife, Amal.

I can definitely see how he could find her so attractive.

In turn, she clearly supports and appreciates him. Just take a look at where the Sun was on her birthdate, 3 February 1978: 14° Aquarius making a close conjunction and parallel with George’s Asc. Even though I do not know Amal’s birth time, her Venus was right around 17° Aquarius which is Parallel George Clooney’s Asc and quite possibly parallel his Moon. This is the stuff of good synastry.

Amal noon chart

Addendum: about Purpose

Purpose is guided by a soul’s intention for incarnating and is rarely singular. Just as our astrological influences are numerous, purpose is multi-pronged.

This chart shows me the following as part of George Clooney’s life purpose:

  • To be inclusive, gregarious, friendly and share himself and his talents freely with others. This comes from the Jupiter/Aquarius factor. It ties into creativity when you see the square to Neptune. It is a risk-taking urge to create, to unleash the imagination.
  • Secondly to include imagination and that something extra, reaching towards an ideal of artistry and personal guiding philosophy — Neptune up high in the chart in the 9th house.
  • To be involved with others in a significant way as seen by the North Node and Pluto in the 7th house (with Uranus also there). This makes for an ‘others’ emphasis that a Jovial personality can handle well.
  • To take his capacity and talents into business (cooperative efforts) as seen by Saturn parallel MC and Pluto square MC.
  • To enjoy the rewards in the form of properties or places that can be shared with others as seen in Venus in the 2nd where the 2nd-8th house pair are intercepted.

People often do meet quite a lot of their purpose in life. The question is how much bogs them down in side issues of relationships and past problems that can be transcended, freeing up creative energy in the moment.

For those astrologers and students who want to look inside the rectification and validation of George Clooney’s chart I will compose a page on that topic separately.

How quickly I get to it will depend on interest level expressed by your feedback.

Thank you.


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