Common Sense Dosing & Start-up of Natural Medicines

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Everyone is unique and so is your healing process.

Each person’s healing process is unique. Be prepared to make adjustments as you go along.

You can’t push your body to heal any faster than it can go. You may have to slow down.

Keep a balance of building (strengthening with nutrition, activity, etc) & cleansing (rest, detox). That balance is different for everyone and may change.

Your body can heal no better than the support it gets from you — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.


When uncertain whether a particular herb or natural medicine is right for you it is important to start slow and start with an Intention of Healing that puts the power on your side to further empower any plant medicines or therapies you employ.

There are the two basic factors of your body and its unique process and needs + the plant medicine and its unique properties and limits.

Start slow by using it only every other day.

In this way you are allowed a comparison that may give you an answer within days.
This is important because the answer of whether it is right for you might not be determined simply by starting immediately at standard doses. Also this can allow you to build a bit of tolerance by introducing a strong medicine to your system more gradually. Too much the first day can be a shock to your system and make you hesitant to try it and stick with it.

“Wade in cautiously.”

DOSING: be willing to start at half the standard dose, especially for strong herb medicines.

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    8 Day investigative program:

  1. Start the first day at one-half dose. Give yourself time to feel out the effects for 8 hours or so and repeat it one-half dose then if you feel you need to.
  2. Skip the medicine this day. Notice how you feel. Start a Journal to make note of everything you are doing and noticing.
  3. If the first attempt did not seem to dose you high enough or left gaps to feel a lack of expected activity by the medicine, then this time use half doses again, but three times 4-6 hours apart.
  4. Skip again. Be sure to make notes.
  5. If the first two days of taking the medicine have not produce the results you feel you need, then today up the dose to the full standard full dose. Take once in a.m. and once at least 8 hours later in p.m.
  6. Maybe after yesterday you can make decisions about going for it everyday. Or you can Skip today and plan to try again tomorrow …
  7. Using full doses you could take it 3x if needed (a.m., p.m., bedtime, etc). Or you could experiment with a stronger dose daytime and/or at bedtime if needed.
  8. Skip today or adjust dosage depending on recent experience. Keep taking notes.

Note: Your approach can involve increasing the frequency of fractional doses closer and closer together until a gathering of noticeable effect is felt. Look at the sum total dosage for that day that created that effect and you can divide that sum daily total into doses that will provide you a smooth effect through the day and allow you to sleep well at night. Often with sedative/calmative herbs to induce good sleep it takes twice the daytime dose.


  • Start with ordinary OTC herbs/supplements you feel you need and work out dosage, etc, and leave the stronger herbs/medicines until after you’ve gotten fully prepared. This is best for slower developing conditions or those you’ve caught earlier in development.
  • For more rapid/advanced conditions you may want to start your strong stuff first (FECO, C.O., etc) and focus on getting your dosing set and managed well. Then you will have indicators of what other herbs/supplements/therapies you will need to keep your healing process running smoothly.


Don’t shop for the ‘silver bullet’ and don’t just keep shooting it expecting it to do it all. Support your body fully.

Your mind is powerful. Drop the fear and worry. They feed dis-ease.

Support yourself with messages, images and words of Love and Healing. This tells your plant medicines what you want them to do.

white morning glory pair Talk to others with experience healing and who understand the healing process. That may or may not be those with a similar condition. Your choice of therapies may be right for you, but you still need encouragement and positive support. You may learn some important things to fill in the gaps of your current therapeutic approach and support the tremendous waves of change healing can induce in your body (and your life).


You don’t need to justify this or what it requires of you. Give yourself permission.

We don’t always know what healing means for us until after it has happened.

Seal in the Intent & Energy of Healing around you through prayer, meditation, energy work, talking healing — anything that feels right to you and works for you.

Say, “I’m healing right now so things are going to be different…”

Remove yourself from doubters or those who carry negativity.

Don’t allow negative people to be a part of your space or your routines while you are healing.

You do not have the energy to defend yourself from negative, critical people or unnecessary drama while you are healing.

If you make your space a HEALING SPACE then everywhere you move within it supports your healing.

Why use all these healing gifts of nature only to worry about whether they will work for you? We program our bodies with the consciousness we hold.

Be patient with yourself and give yourself the understanding, compassion and Love that you’d give to your own child if they were in your place.



About Kannon McAfee

Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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2 Responses to Common Sense Dosing & Start-up of Natural Medicines

  1. Sue Worsell says:

    Thank you for your info – we are using oil for Lymphoma – non Hodgkin – we are wondering what the maintenance dose would be after the 90days regime (and possibly a test to make sure clear)

    • Hi Sue. I can’t be certain what is right for you, but a general rule of thumb for maintenance dose is half (or less) the dose it took you to get clear of full-on disease. It might be 2/3 dose for a while.
      Try this recommended dosing investigation after the 90 day program. I recommend stopping for at least 10-14 days IF you don’t have the aggressive type of lymphoma and start this dosing procedure I recommended for several days until you hit the dose that feels right.

      At the end of any 90-day regimen you could wait 2 weeks during a break from the oil and check yourself with one of those ‘home drug test kits’ you can get at retain drug stores |,-marijuana/ID=prod375983-product | If you test negative, this means clearing of the oil from your system and you may be ready for another 90-day program, even if at reduced doses. Once your system is clear and tests negative I think you could continue a maintenance program at appropriate doses for a long period until you feel you no longer need it. That way you are working preventively since cancers like to come back. Don’t let it!

      The idea here is that a full effective dose tends to feel right and leave you feeling better or at least sleeping/resting better. (And working up to maximum dosing to induce greater tolerance).

      Thanks for stopping by and be sure to inquire with veterans of this healing work like Chuck Ananda or others in the C.O. Success Stories group.

      Blessings & healing.

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