The great paradigm shift of our time that is a potential for anyone who allows it — the return to ENERGY. We cannot stay stuck in the mind and still make progress. That will only allow limited understanding, limited effectiveness, limited healing.

Consciousness is not the ground of being. ENERGY is.

What will wipe out all wars and conflicts of human consciousness is not greater efforts within human consciousness as we know it. It requires a critical mass of awakening to ENERGY as what gives life to all sentience, all consciousness — and every being of the Earth family. When enough people understand that the same energy that flows through me flows through you, that it flows as LIFE itself through everyone there will be no more need to lean on a pre-conceptualized theology that differentiates or on an unfeeling intellectualized science that denies.

Enlightenment breakthroughs happen when ENERGY breaks through old consciousness barriers.

Consciousness — of our own past, pain and suffering, and of the prescribed limits (conventions) society places upon individuals to control the masses and sedate fear — this is the place of barriers to real liberation and freedom.

We can as individuals free ourselves from the chains of collective consciousness. In fact, it is our responsibility to be taken up at some point, if not in this lifetime then in a future one.

The Zen masters and students speak of satori, “Eureka!” experiences that bring overwhelming joy, energy, laughter, renewal and kensho that brings clear insight into the nature of being. These are not accomplishments of consciousness, but of ENERGY breaking through the barriers of consciousness because it was allowed, given permission.

It takes a while to settle in to a life in which such direct contact with Source ENERGY actually allows us to live out life and fulfill our unfulfilled desires and create something good for humanity. It can suddenly seem that we are now so unconventional that we cannot live with or in any way suffer the constrictions and neurosis of organized society. It is tempting to either overwhelm everyone around us with dominance that is ego or to get away completely.

But such awakening can be integrated into a balanced, healthy life.

To return to ENERGY as the source of all being is to answer the search for origins, God, and unified fields.

ENERGY is the singular unifying field. It gives rise to life itself. It is biological as much as primordial.

oak within acornThe singular grand truth will never be delivered to us personally in a personalized form by science or rational deliberation.

It is already seeded within you as the oak is seeded within the acorn.

This is the return to being eternal rather than remaining trapped in the consciousness that we are bags of skin with looming expiration dates which limit our perspective and seals in an essential powerless selfishness. That is not the reality of materiality, but an overlay, particular (shared) consciousness.

To be sensitive to various energies is not a malady. It is an awakening. Don’t stop there.

Transmute it into positive power — healing for yourself and others.

Each one of us that does this is one more domino in the effect.

Witches, Wizards, Source-erers…

We’re sneaking up on it, but humanity must get over it’s self-ness that desires power for self as separate from Love.

The urge to direct energy with consciousness is a perfect picture of what I’m talking about. This is all the wizardry we’re seeing in popular culture: the understanding that we can direct energy with intention. Maybe not in the dramatized way of legends and lore of these stories, but in ways that actually matter.

Since ENERGY is the source of life, of consciousness, the fully developed human can and will direct this ENERGY for personal benefit — not selfish, self-promoting, one-upmanship — but for health, vital living and to prosper in joy and love. This creates an example of what is possible for anyone who observes.

However, this is not possible for any of us caught in the net of the current collective consciousness of our times or in the mire of our own karma and ‘issues.’ Such karma perpetuates that the struggle is necessary, will be productive and eventually pay off — only to simply change the face of the cyclical pattern.

To reawaken to ENERGY is to feel it within yourself and believe it and utilize it not as a phenomena, but AS LIFE ITSELF.

It takes time to learn to direct such ENERGY effectively with our intention. Beginners often start out thinking it should get you more money. You will make little or no progress with that orientation. ENERGY is more fundamental than a silly medium of exchange that can only ever be valued by short-sighted humans.

At the end of our lives, as we lie on our deathbeds, we will not consider the profundity of money. That’s because it has none. What is profound and powerful is the way in which conscious intention — co-creating — can set into motion a domino effect of synchronicity that connects us with others while simultaneously meeting our needs and aiding our progress with little if any thought given to any medium of exchange.

The true medium of exchange is relationship

And that brings us back to ENERGY. When we let it flow it allows us to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime that it is of mutual benefit. There is no longer a negotiation amongst our own fears, biases and limited thinking.

ENERGY is the origin and ground of all being. Why wait any longer returning to it?

It is your birthright. It is your healing. It is your empowerment. It is LOVE in motion.


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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