Oct 23rd Solar Eclipse – Astrological Energies

Sun-Moon-Venus in First Degree of Scorpio

So this eclipse/new moon will be felt especially by those with planets/points between about 25° Libra and 5° Scorpio, or late in any other cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn) or early in any other fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius).

Oct2014 NM par_solar_eclipse

Moon & Venus are really close

The Moon at the peak of the new moon will be at 10°40′ south and Venus at 10°30′ south declination, making a close parallel aspect. This emphasizes love, eroticism, tenderness and renewal of domestic bliss.

Declination positions at peak of eclipse:
Sun 11S37
Moon 10S40
Venus 10S30
Neptune 10S23
So if you have anything in your birth chart that sits between 10 & 11° south (or north) declination, it will also get triggered by this eclipse. Even if you have a plant/point in your birth chart between 11 & 12° south/north declination you should benefit.

This is an exceptional alignment for love, creativity, romance.

Neptune is also close by in declination at 20°24′ south. So understand that over the next several months if these eclipse factors affect your chart that some good personal experiences should retain their meaning in the subjective, internal emotional/spiritual world. Don’t construe their meaning into anything objective or literal. These experiences are rich for what you allow them to be in the fully emotional feeling sense. They don’t have to trigger idealism or assumptions about what will be.


These next few months post-eclipse are also a great time to more deeply engage our creative talents, to start projects or finish off those that we’ve been working on. This isn’t necessarily the ‘show and tell’ time, but if your previous reputation as an artist allows it, this eclipse could be a boost for you.


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3 Responses to Oct 23rd Solar Eclipse – Astrological Energies

  1. miranda says:

    this eclipse will square my natal venus (25cap) jupiter (0 leo) opposition over 2nd/8th. i am not familiar with how to interpret the effect of eclipes on natals. any feedback?

    • These eclipses operate like background energies that sometimes add something into a chart that is already charged up (with various transits/prog) so that things happen quickly. Sometimes it takes months since these eclipses have an expiration date of about 5 months when the next one like it (solar or lunar) comes along.

      With this eclipse squaring your Venus-Jupiter opposition expect windows of opportunity to open up for you. This could be partly social, because of the nature of Venus-Jupiter, but it could mean opportunities or people that you find more attractive than ordinary. The Eclipse cluster of Sun-Moon-Venus in a fixed water sign making a square aspect to personal points in your chart means a lot of deep, driving yet feeling, feminine energies (Moon-Venus) getting a kick-start – an opportunity for a new expression – in your relational life, social life. This is a growth opportunity that may require you to find a somewhat different balancing point with others should you take full advantage of it.

      Without seeing your actual chart/birth data, its hard to comment further. There could be more important declination factors that change the whole picture, etc.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. miranda says:

    oh, jupiter rules my chart, i’m sag asc.

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