Blood Moon Eclipse Signals Power Shift in DC

In Libra: Sun 15°, Venus 11°, Dragon’s Head 19°
…lined up opposite…
In Aries: Uranus 14°, Moon 15°, Dragon’s Tail 19°. This alignment with the Nodes (Dragon’s head/tail) creates an eclipse.

These are Squaring Pluto 11° Capricorn.

signaling a certain urge to unseat incumbent elected officials in upcoming elections.

blood moon eclipse oct14

Sun also rises just before Venus on election day, further indicating tendency for risk-taking by tossing out incumbents in favor of replacements.

election day sunrise 4nov14

Shift of partisan power coming to Washington, DC next month — well in January officially.

Congressional approval ratings sure to stay low over the next couple years. How could they go any lower than 8%?