Warnings About Weapons in the Birth Chart (Oscar Pistorius)

Since I don’t chase the news or celebrities with my astrology work, this is a bit unusual, but something yesterday put my mind into this chart. Whatever the tragedies that have occurred in the last year or so, Oscar Pistorius is certainly an inspiring young man. Just look at what he did to overcome what is normally considered a dis-ability to become one of the world’s most amazing athletes.

He was born with fibular hemimelia (congenital absence of the fibula) in both legs and the month before his first birthday went through a surgical procedure to allow prosthetics to be better placed on both legs so that he could gain his mobility. As a result of this he began walking at about a year and a half old.

However, this post will be brief and to the point. I’m considering coming back later and using his chart as a demonstration of rectification using declinations (north/south positions of planets and chart points).

Oscar Pistorius’ chart is one that clearly shows a person who should distance themselves from firearms and weapons in general.

At the risk of being accused of hindsight pronouncements, I am using his chart to make a point for astrologers and people in general. This is too important a point to not make it. These kinds of tragedies can be avoided.

Oscar Pistorius chart validated by Kannon McAfee

As you can see here indicated in red, there are the angular positions of Sun (10th house) and Mars (1st house) creating a square aspect between them. This is the first indication of someone with a potential hyper-alert, over-aggressive personality developing if there are not the proper cautions and reserves built into the thinking process.

The psychiatrist who interviewed Pistorius during a break in his trial reported that he suffered from generalized anxiety disorder since he was an infant, stemming partly from the amputation his lower legs. The disorder meant Pistorius had “excessive” concerns about security and felt threatened even when, objectively, he was not.

The green lines you see on his chart mark the quincunx aspect between Moon and Neptune, an aspect that lends an individual to feelings of insecurity, uncertainty, anxiety, regardless of the confidence or bravado exhibited in their area of expertise or special ability. There is a delicate inner balance unless methods are learned and continually practiced that overcome this.

The thick black lines indicated the Moon also squaring both Venus and Pluto. The square to Pluto is enough to show a strong tendency to stubbornness and obsession unless inner balance is sought and gained. The involvement of Venus only increases this, particularly in relation to women. It intensifies the feelings and responses to women and I would expect he had a particularly close relationship with his mother.

But what this Moon square Venus-Pluto aspect does is intensify the emotions and drives that play into the Martial drives and reactions. This guy leans far more towards fight than to flight.

Marked in blue we see Mars is parallel Mercury and Venus. More angular emphasis to Mars. Considering all the other drives and intensity indicated here, I can’t think of a reasonable thinking astrologer who if posed the question of firearms and weapons being kept near would say, “Yeah, that’s fine.”

The problem is the male ego in a state of successful physicality or aggression, as with an athlete, meets such admonitions with strong resistance, a “keep out” or DIY attitude.

I feel the need to point this out for the principle, either for astrologers, who like me have to often neglected to issue of a person avoiding firearms and weapons by someone with such a chart, or for laypersons who can read their own chart and come to their own conclusions. Under it all, it is the mentality that needs to be addressed, particularly the soul’s underlying tendencies that come from those karmic patterns, which are strong thought/relational patterns that remain unresolved from the past.

Rules of Thumb Regarding the Birth Chart and Weapons

  • If the birth chart contains strong indications of likelihood of accidents due to stressful Mars aspects, then at minimum there should be precautions given related to firearms/weapons safety.
  • If there are several of these indications, stronger warnings are best given that firearms/weapons avoided or kept locked up.
  • If added to such angular Mars aspects there are strong angular Pluto aspects (at least elsewhere in the chart), warnings should be given about keeping such weapons at all.
  • If added to this there are also stressful Lunar aspects, very explicit warnings against keeping such weapons should be given.

Its as if this chart was a ‘perfect storm’ for such an tragic result.

Of course this does not address the underlying psychology, fears, etc, that is behind a person’s desire to keep weapons around. These square aspects exert an unrelenting pressure upon the psyche of a person.

I will address the matter of rectification of the chart and the resulting chart that you see here. I just think this is the most important part — keeping people safe if at all possible, diverting attention from dangerous tools that can too easily become deadly weapons.



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  1. Pisces Rising says:

    Where was transiting Saturn in relation to his natal moon when this happened? We know Saturn has been in Scorpio so was it in square aspect at the time of the shooting?

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