Cayce querent #1931

On this day in (Sept 11) 1911 Cayce readings querent #1931 was born at Protestant hospital in Norfolk, VA, around 4 PM. I am currently using this reading series (1931-1 to -4) as a research focus on astrology in the Edgar Cayce readings.

It is thrilling to watch the development of this young man over a period of several years in the summer after his first year of college at Penn State. We see the young 19-year-old’s first reading (1931-1) on June 23, 1939 in which Cayce urged him to follow a spiritual ideal and gave information regarding his past life background in natural conservation. The third reading recommended a change of course temporarily to military service and the branch that would least likely be fatal. And, finally the fourth reading (1931-4) and post-war correspondence in which he settles into his life at Yellowstone Park as a Ranger-Naturalist.

I’m working on collecting all the information for the life events that might validate the correct exact chart for this man that shows not only his astrological potentials as Cayce highlighted them, but the unfolding of his life and career.

The Cayce readings are a rich source of material that often tells life stories that begin with questions and uncertainty and end with joy and fulfillment.


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  1. Pisces Rising says:

    I look forward to this series. I have always been fascinated with Edgar Cayce. His Venus was in Pisces 15 degrees and my rising is Pisces 19 so I attribute it to that.

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