Super Moon No.5 Brings Series To A Close

Better late than never. Maybe this could be a future reference.

perigee (per · i · jee): the point in the Moon’s orbit when it is closest to the earth.

From wikipedia contributor Marcoaliaslama

From wikipedia contributor Marcoaliaslama

A Super Moon is a term coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979 to describe a New or Full Moon within 90% of perigee.(2) The Moon has a slightly elliptical orbit. So this means at one end of this elliptical orbit the Moon will be closer to earth than at the other end. So this is termed by astronomers a perigree moon(1) or perigee-syzygy.(2) Several of these closer New or Full Moons can occur in any given year.

This means the Moon will appear larger and brighter to us here on earth.

Perigee = Strongest Effect of Moon on Earth

Worldwide, these are the periods in which the Moon exerts its greatest affect upon the earth, upon the tides and bodies of water (and we humans, like the earth are 70% water). Tides are known to increase during these periods.

Astrologically these are times in which personal subjective internal perception takes precedence over objective evaluation. This of course can lead to irrationality by some or getting back to your best instincts. The potential is there for both. The feminine principle becomes stronger than usual in the natural world. There may be global effects upon the geo-physical structures themselves. What matters is how our instincts and intuition are tuned. Are they out of tune or in harmony?

These are times in which those with strong, nurturing instincts are in greater need and extra care should be taken with those battling mental illness and depression. It is a time in which those who have difficulty maintaining mental/emotional balance may find it even more difficult. Luckily, none of these Super Moons were eclipses.

The First Super Moons Came in January

Seeing the New Years Day New Moon alignments I knew it was going to be a doozie of a year.

Super Moon 1: New Years Day New Moon


We don’t even need to look at the declinations to know things were getting started with a bang. New Moon happening right near Pluto with the strongest astrological configuration, a T-square (red lines), involving two fire planets and Uranus, which added the unexpected making it very difficult to predict.

This one had a stronger effect on those whose birth charts contain points/planets 7-15° of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or at the extremes of declination (23°+ N/S) or around 18° N/S.

Super Moon 2: January 30 New Moon


Sun & Moon at 10°55′ Aquarius. There was nothing remarkable about this one compared to the others. No significant angular aspects. However, those with birth charts containing planets in the 7-15° range of fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) would have felt this one as an urging to a clean start in life structures and aims, possibly revealing underlying health issues.

Super Moon 3: July 12 Full Moon


This one occurred when Sun was 20°03′ Cancer & Moon 20°03′ Capricorn, squaring Mars 23°17′ Libra. Sun [21N57] was parallel Venus [22N17]. Mercury [20N36] paralleled Jupiter [20N43] and both were contra-parallel to Pluto [20S19]. That was a complex, high energy dynamic like an astrology soup full of ingredients.

This one had a stronger effect on those with points/planets in their birth charts at 16-24° of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or around 22° or 17° N/S declination.

First, the Sun/Cancer & Moon/Capricorn positions are very psychological and its as if the indications are for humanity to get serious, you’ve got some human family business to take care of. This was an important pre-warning to the peak influence (peak perigee) of the Moon coming the following month. Squaring Mars, this necessarily involved facing some conflict because of the emotions being activated. The Mercury-Jupiter/Pluto factor shows a time for urgent communication to happen.

Peak Perigee – Super Moon 4: August 10 Full Moon


This was when the Moon was closest to earth: 356,898 km (221,766 mi)(3) and largest in appearance – 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual (1). This period would have had the strongest influence upon those with mental illness, imbalance or serious depression.

Sun 18°03′ Leo, Moon 18°03′ Aquarius, Sun conjunct Mercury 20°17′ Leo. These were squaring Saturn 17°00′ Scorpio. Sun [15N26] was parallel Mercury [16N24] with both contra-parallel Mars [15S28] and Saturn [14S50]. In addition Venus [20N53] was contra-parallel Pluto [20S26].

Those with birth charts containing points/planets 14-22° of fixed signs or about 11° or 15° N/S declination would have felt this Super Moon most strongly.

It wasn’t getting any easier was it? The Saturn and Pluto aspects here suggest a life-and-death crisis for some. The following day Robin Williams took his own life. He had been suffering from serious depression for months.

One day previous Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson, MO police officer. Frustrated ambitions or rutted patterns or obsessions (especially of thought) from which one could not escape would have been especially difficult, at a crisis point. If a person could bring themselves to truly communicate from the heart and say those difficult things, no matter the consequences, such crises could be turned into opportunity. Otherwise, things would have colored by power and control.

Super Moon 5: September 8/9 Full Moon


The Sun 16°19′ Virgo, Moon 16°19′ Pisces. Sun [5N24] was closely parallel Uranus [5N30] & both contra-parallel Mercury [4S51]. Moon was conjunct Chiron 15°21′.

This has more to do with healing in its potential than anything. Finding a new balance in health. This next month or so is a time in which one’s will to open up to new direct encounters with pure energy can produce real healing – physical/mental/emotional. Consider that verbal intentions must be expressed do accomplish this, that possibly things left unsaid or not expressed fully will need to be before you can move on. These statements may fall outside the usual boundaries of comfortable communication, but that is the way it has to be. Just be certain your intention is clear and only to open up to something better for yourself, not to communicate harm to others.

What will your encounter with energy bring?

What healing do you desire?


On the whole, these co-called Super Moons are subtle, but felt especially by those in a state of higher sensitivity and by those whose birth charts have points that are transited by them. They are always windows of opportunity to utilize with our own intention.



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