Making Best Use of Saturn

In the wake of Robin Williams’ death this is on my mind. His death was precipitated and/or accompanied by Saturn conjunct and parallel natal Asc, parallel natal Mercury and IC (undersky, 4th cusp).

Recent hidden Saturn transits

When Saturn is in mid-Scorpio it is parallel points in mid-Aquarius and contra-parallel points in mid-Leo or mid-Taurus. These transits in declination are not shown in the flat wheel chart.
Sickle from Panchkhal, Nepal. Photo Krish Dulal.
Saturn’s symbol is the sickle. Its original use was as an instrument of harvest. Of course, “harvest” can take on various shades of meaning that eventually seem far apart. Sometimes the long arm of the sickle makes it seem more like the scythe of the grim reaper. That depends on one’s optimism and whether one has real purpose in hand.

Saturn relates to those unavoidable material challenges and the resources or experience needed to meet them. Making use of our Saturn transits and/or progressions (as well as natal aspects).

From Edgar Cayce life reading 5-2:

“In that in Mars and of Saturn, brings for those weaknesses in the expression that self may manifest, and only by the application of self’s EXERTING self to meet the needs – not of the MOMENT, so much – as to that as may be BUILDED from day to day, as to be able to cope with self and with others.”

There is exertion in life to use the Spirit of our lives towards an ideal developed by the mind to attain to a material/physical outcome that creates an outcome equally beneficial to self and others. Spirit is the life, Mind is the builder, the Physical is the result.

We can get stronger at any age

The best strategy I have seen can be best seen by looking at failures against the backdrop of an ideal. That saying, “whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” should not imply a guarantee. A better saying would be, “whatever you survive can be the basis for becoming stronger.” Saturnine moments often seem to be unplanned disappointments that expose a weakness we’d previously been unaware of or created momentarily out of the over-exertion of Jovial exuberance.

You have the right to withdraw and redraw boundaries

While it is best to take advantage of those Jovial times in which Jupiter transits or influences allow us easier expansion and social connection, during more Saturnine periods it is best to withdraw – a bit – and consolidate personal energy, develop more defined boundaries and gather the internal energy needed to still remain constructive in the face of obstacles and challenges. Delays should be expected even welcomed as opportunities for unexpected learning to arise.


The worst experiences of Saturn’s action comes when there is poor self-worth or an unstable physiological balance. That is the time to address those. Don’t respond to the effect of feeling downtrodden as if it is your reality. Reconstruct your internal reality to meet your needs. Withdraw the energy from external social investment and place oneself back in the position of being the supreme parent of self with an understanding of personal imperfection and how development takes time. It never ceases. There is no high platuea upon which we reside at some point in life. Learning goes on. Dealing with ego goes on. Adjusting to limitation goes on.

Accept that you are a limited human being

And that is so important: adjusting to limitation. Those whose energies are overly expansive or indulgent may never get used to this paternal management of physical imperfection and ego. Robin Williams’ Jupiter squared to Mars and Uranus was an expansive urge that was lifelong. Withdrawal is a challenge at any time under that type of driving pressure. The Go button seems constantly pressed ‘on’ by default and the restlessness that builds up when it is pressed ‘off’ for a while can be undeniable. Add to that the idealism of Jupiter being opposite (and contra-parallel) Neptune and you have a recipe for difficulty in saying “No.”

The Balance of Nature

The Jovial (Jupiterian) necessitates the Saturnine. With Jupiter we are jovial, expansive and more comfortable in the group context. With Saturn we turn serious, study the situation and are in better balanced with time left for ourselves to contemplate.

Expansion and contraction. Contraction is not failure any more than expansion is. It is one way we experience vibration in this material plane. We determine whether it is comfortable enough and acceptable, or if we cannot accept it.

Saturn Influences Can Mean Inventory Taking Time

First ask yourself some tough questions about how you are using your time, energy and whether this matches up with the resources you have to work with. Write down all these in columns or in some really clear, organized fashion and keep it out where you can see it for a while. Ponder it in the back of your mind.

Get Practical

Make a list of goals or ideals you’ve had that are no longer worth pursuing. Write them down and cross them off and verbally announce you let them go.

Look at how you are managing your time. Buy yourself some time. Face the boss and have that talk you’ve been needing to have. If you can’t face that boss, you aren’t yet your own boss.

Edgar Cayce Readings © 1971, 1993-2007 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Used by Permission, All Rights Reserved


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One Response to Making Best Use of Saturn

  1. Great break-down, Kannon.

    The current Jupiter-Leo to Saturn-Scorpio (and Mars!) square is creating much tension and introspection for those who expected a glorious bounty of freedom and excess recently. Regretfully, the tensions brought to many natives affected by the Saturn-Scorpio transit, are now reflected in the global whole. This squared tension is exacerbated as the 16th degree aspects apply to exact formation in several days at the Virgo New Moon.

    You’ve provided apt advice, with Mercury in Virgo now, to assess our conditions in a listed analysis that helps clarify where we have the power to maneuver, and where we might feel the realistic necessity of asking for assistance.

    These transits were significant to Robin Williams’ natal chart. In light of the news that he’d been diagnosed with Parkinsons, I sense he made a most Saturnian decision to control a life-changing event that would prevent his Uranian nature from manifesting as it had. I do suspect he was horrified by the idea of an encroaching dementia, wherein his Uranian nature would slip completely beyond his self-control (Saturn in Virgo 10th) over time.

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