Poem: Time for Balance

Time for Balance

Humanity totters
stuck in hallway dimly lit;
startled, we bumped into one wall.
we bruised ourselves on the other.
If we must crawl, then crawl.
If we must find a rail to hold, then find it.
But we must balance ourselves eventually
to stand
and to move forward
towards whatever destination
was our original intent.


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, healer, professional astrologer. I'm dedicated to advancing the science and art of astrology. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification (for those with questionable charts or missing birth times). My focus is on helping people meet their purpose in life while understanding their options within that.
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One Response to Poem: Time for Balance

  1. signalroom7 says:

    my favorite line: “if we must crawl / then crawl
    if we must find a rail to hold, then find it”

    I’m crawling right now, and on my way out of a dark hall, so this
    line really helped me. Why do we beat our beautiful selves up when
    we find ourselves crawling? We are valiant Spirits….


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