About the Carlos Castaneda birth document

I have a copy in my possession, thanks to anthropologist Jay Fikes. It states clearly a birth time of “nueve a.m.” Nine a.m. See the column to the left where it is clearly written on the fifth line containing handwriting.

Castaneda birth certificate

If you are a long-time astrologer you know how difficult it can be to get accurate, documented birth times for many people. Hopefully you know how important it is to start with a documented specific time and that minutes can make a huge difference. Hopefully you know that word-of-mouth quotes and times recalled from memory are notoriously unreliable and should not be given an A rating in the Rodden system.

An example is found in the Source Notes on astrodatabank’s page for Barack Obama … It shows a grand total of eight different birth times prior to the birth document itself becoming public.

Back to Castaneda. Around 2005 or so I discovered The Teachings of Don Juan and was riveted over and over by this astounding, vivid account. In early July I asked in the facebook Shamanism community what people thought of The Teachings, fact or fiction. When a poster pointed me to the BBC documentary where I saw Dr. Fikes speaking on his follow-up to Castaneda’s “work” in Mexico, I knew I had to do my own follow-up.

My coming page(s) on the birth chart of author Carlos Cesar Salvador Arana aka Carlos Castaneda will be sharply tinged with a message relating to the importance of integrity — in the conventional sense — and the importance of distinguishing fact from fiction in the spiritual search.


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