Hidden Jupiter transits

They happen for everyone

I’m not talking about esoteric minor aspects or harmonics with teeny-weeny orbs that mean there is only a narrow time window for the transit. I’m talking about angular Jupiter transits (and progressions) in declination that go unnoticed by over 90% of astrologers.

They can last for many months

Planetary movement north and south (declination) is much slower than in longitude. Planetary movement begins to slow noticeably around 20° north or south. At the extreme end of declination, 22°+ north or south, such a transit can last for a year or more.

2013-14 Jupiter transits in declination

January 1, 2013 Jupiter position: 20°54′ North declination.
Feb 1: 20°48′
Mar 1: 21°09′ – heading northward again.
Apr 1: 21°51′
May 1: 22°33′
Jun 1: 23°04′
Jul 1: 23°14′
Aug 1: 23°02′ – heading southward.
Sep 1: 22°35′
Oct 1: 22°06′
Nov 1: 21°52′
Dec 1: 22°05′ – heading northward.
January 1, 2014 Jupiter pos: 22°37′ North.
Feb 1: 23°05′
Mar 1: 23°16′
Apr 1: 23°13′ – heading southward.
May 1: 22°54′
Jun 1: 22°12′
Jul 1: 21°10′
Aug 1: 19°44′
Sep 1: 18°06′
Oct 1: 16°32′
Nov 1: 15°15′
Dec 1: 14°42′

You can see how the movement slows down at the extreme end of its declination position. It does this whether north or south of the celestial equator.

Your experience

You have had hidden Jupiter transits probably numerous times during your life, assuming you weren’t looking at your transits in declination. Parallels and contra-parallels have been as helpful to you and are as strong a basis for electional astrology as any other such transits you’ve known about in longitude (sign position).

Because Jupiter spends about 1½ years at the top area of the declination cycle, if you have any planets there in your birth chart, you get the benefit of such transits for about 3 years total at top and bottom of each 12-year Jupiter cycle. That certainly includes times in which you may have assumed there were no Jupiter transits through your chart.

My own experience

Since my Mars in my birth chart is at 21°55′ north and Midheaven 22°46′ north, I got a lot of benefit from this latest run of Jupiter near the top of its north declination phase. Using 1° for the orb pretty much all of 2013 had Jupiter in transit parallel natal Mars. From spring of 2013 until about now Jupiter made its transit parallel natal Midheaven.

The Jupiter-Mars transits are times in which, like with the conjunction, the tendency is for an expansive, active orientation, tending to over-do, experience accidents, some extra ego involvement or at least jumping to conclusions. That is exactly what I experienced during this time period.

I’ve enjoyed my ride through this Jupiter transit parallel natal Mars. I can feel myself ‘coming down’ a bit, settling into a lower, less expansive energy. A welcome change. I’m more intent on internal workings and less on outward expansion these days.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. – Ecclesiastes


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