Pluto & empowerment

Remedial lessons: whether I like them or not

Lately I find myself struggling more than I can remember in a long time to maintain perspective, to not take things personally and keep my overall mental/emotional balance. Seems enough transit factors have come into play to make even the subtlest of progressed factors trigger encounters and new experiences in relation to others.

I don’t make it a practice of going into personal accounts as if this blog were a diary. I don’t do that kind of blogging. I’m a healer and a serious astrologer, so I guess I’m looking at my experiences during these transits as a way of learning very personally and literally more to pass on for the benefit of others.

After all, who am I to be an astrologer exempt from the astrological energies that others experience? Chiron right opposite my Asc now. Experiencing that and feeling something through it can help me better understand what others have gone through and develop more compassion. Such experience also makes for better advice to my clients.

Unexpected, jarring encounters from out of the blue… Uranus parallel and quincunx my Asc lately. At least there is its sextile to my MC. Jupiter-Mars transit in declination flares up direct, expansive energies even more during this time.

There are times when the astrological influences are too complex to deal with them in any outward way. When they involve angular Pluto transits/prog forget it. (Pluto transits conjunct my natal Moon and contra-parallel my Venus right now). Once again, declinations show their force.

My transit data sheet for 21 June 2014:

Kannon 22June2014 data sheet with transits

See any other active transits here in my chart besides the ones I’ve marked?

Back to the inner sky

But the astrology is minor in comparison to the lessons I’m having to do remedial work on. There is no purpose in outside-in based, events-focused astrology. The gods and goddesses of the sky are just projections of our personal inner sky. Don’t tell me that one has to be a victim when Chiron transits your chart by hard aspect. Victimhood is a consciousness neighborhood in which one chooses to dwell. I don’t live there.

Don’t tell me Pluto conjunct Moon means one won’t be able to control their emotions – or that one becomes overly controlled through the Capricornian desire for it. I chose healing and balance over control – long ago.

Knowing about these transits or influences does nothing by itself but frame up the dynamics, the lessons. At some point something as powerful as the long-lasting feelings angular Pluto dynamics trigger must be dealt with internally.

Tremendous creative force

If there is an entire universe within, doesn’t it make sense that there is every kind of energy within us that needs some kind of expression. I started a local writers group after beginning a novel. But that’s a cerebral expression of creativity that just has satisfied the more intense force surfacing within me at times, optimistically, euphorically, aggressively.

Energies can build up and they want release. Recently, I started feeling the urge to let out some of this heightened energy by singing. Its been quite a while since Heather and I have been to karaoke. Maybe its time I go by myself.

Projection is everywhere

When humans aren’t looking to themselves and taking responsibility they project onto others a version, a story they’d rather be true. I’ve experienced this lately. So why would we want to get caught up at all in someone else’s web of lies (their story)?

No thanks. We can opt out.

Empowerment is intention enacted energetically

Each of us has an energy body that is the real body. We are in control of this through our conscious direction and the thoughts/consciousness posture we hold. Just as our physical posture can be affected by our attitude, so is the energetic posture we take. Each of us can maintain a bubble of power around ourselves by which no one can ‘get to us’ in any way. I know how to do this and have done it very effectively, but have just not worked with this.

Kryon book 1, page 61:
Kryon book1

“Be aware that the process of aggressive, rather than defensive power is yours immediately. Claim it and use it now!… Project your bubble of power wherever you go, and watch the people change around you. Former negative energies will seem to bounce off your new bubble, instead of penetrating as they did before. You will receive what you project, however, and if you choose not to believe this message, then your power bubble will be non-existent…”

I’ve done this. It works. Its been a while. I’ve not kept it up. I fell into defensive power, which is to say, power struggle with others. I might as well write a written invitation for Karma to come throw a party in my life and bring all its cohorts.

Back to the astrology

In case you find yourself going through challenges that don’t seem to show up in proportion to what transits/progressions you see in your chart, then consider that declinations can show transits/progressions that are just as powerful.

Do you have power struggle issues going on you don’t see in your flat wheel chart? Look for Pluto making transits or progressed aspects in declination.

Don’t think you’re going through any Jupiter transits that could inflame your ego involvement in your actions? Again, look to the declinations to complete the picture. If the planets form aspects in their movements east-west (in longitude), then they certainly can in their movements north-south (declination).

Power has the last word

Power is not a position. It is not an outward position of power over others or over another specific person. It is not to have an advantage over another.

Power is a posture. Its time I make mine permanent.


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