Astrologers and our current plateau of practice

Over the years in my online and in person conversations with my fellow astrologers I’ve come to see part of what could keep us at our current plateau in astrological practice (and why so many are still so dubious about our profession). I’ve liked all these astrologers (with maybe an exception or two) and feel that they are of generally solid character, thoughtful, kind and interested in the growth and empowerment of their fellow humans.

Things Are Better Than 20-30 Years Ago

A book in my collection, the 1995 edition of The Only Way to Learn Astrology Volume 2: Math and Interpretation contains an astounding number of errant charts calculated with second hand birth data discovered only after the establishment of the Rodden Rating system. But we are at a plateau in current astrological practice and many are stuck. Because of the work of Lois Rodden (birth data rating system) we’ve reached a significantly better standard for birth data reliability than what common astrologers and instructional books maintained into the 1990s. But the rating system is not infallible as acknowledged by astrodatabank, “Since data are always volatile, no rating system is infallible and data are often updated when new information comes to light.” Often this ‘new information’ is simply continuing study that goes beyond the current common standard of acceptable practice, or to add rectification as a necessary skill (inconvenient since it takes years).

All Astrologers Get Clients With Unreliable Or No Birth Time At All

Many astrologers don’t want to fully acknowledge when birth chart rectification is clearly needed or take the necessary steps to do so. It is too easy to lean on the still imperfect rating systems as a defacto justification for any chart/consult even if doing so defies common sense and even if the client gives negative feedback regarding its accuracy.

Money Talks: “Quantity! Not Quality.”

There is also the curious if subtle influence of money as well. I remember being still in my 20s and very enthusiastic about the possibility of making a living doing astrology. That requires keeping a steady flow of moneyed clients, which requires constant marketing to selected segments of society, which takes away from continuing studies and in-depth research — none of which I find enjoyable, authentic for me. So I don’t do them.

Nothing wrong with making a living at astrology. That gets no criticism here. But there are subtle choices that get made by astrologers that have more to do with making money than delivering consistently accurate charts and interpretations.

The Harsh Truth Revealed

My conversations with numerous astrologers have convinced me that many, possibly most of them, see your birth horoscope as something symbolic that they can treat as they like, depending on what is convenient for them and doesn’t challenge any preconceived notions (dogma) they hold. They don’t want to get public egg on their face from an errant birth time or inaccurate predictions, etc, but privately they cannot resist working quickly and superficially because the current common standard allows it. This is true even for most astrologers engaging in some form of rectification practice.

When the day-to-day focus of a consulting astrologer has more to do with time management and fees to get enough income than with the actual person in front of them and their true horoscope (which is in the glands and cells of their body, the DNA: see Cayce readings and Kryon material) then there is a choice being made for what is preferable or convenient for the astrologer over what is real, true and needed by the client.

Don’t Be Limited By Current ‘Good Enough’ Standards

My view is that astrological histories, current practices and their limitations should not stop me from getting to the core truth that is YOU. There is as it were a hermetically sealed horoscope within the fabric of your being that is functioning at the energetic level. My job is to tap into that and represent it symbolically on paper (or computer images).

My Decisions

I know that what I’m doing slows me down in some ways and limits how many clients I can take. I know that what I’m doing with astrology in some ways is probably decades ahead of its time. I know it precludes making a lot of money and selling popular astrology books. But I’ve made my choices and I stand by them: (a) to put the core truth of my client over current ‘good enough’ practice and standards; (b) to advance the science and accuracy of astrology (with pointers from the Edgar Cayce readings, the Kryon material and more skilled master astrologers).

How Far Have We Really Progressed?

Edgar Cayce said repeatedly in trance readings that astrology practice in his day was inconsistent at best and most often errant in chart casting by a sign or so. The fact that so many astrologers today, even those who refer to the Cayce readings as an affirmation of astrology and for helpful learning, still do not have any real inkling about what he was talking about should give us pause.

John Willner was the only astrologer I’ve come across who genuinely understood the Edgar Cayce readings on astrology and was able to codify this in a published text that actually refines astrological practice and consistently increases accuracy. His book Astrological Revelations handles the convolutions and arcane language of the Cayce trance readings better and leads to more clarity of understanding than any other astrologer I’ve seen. Yet, it is still a challenging subject. So it is easier to just not look into it any further and continue accepting current practice.

Choices Are Empowerment

Choices are important, but their power depends on our willingness to dedicate ourselves to Truth in every form and to honesty with ourselves. Each one we make can affect our life orientation, our happiness and either helps us meet our spiritual ideals (Love) or pacifies material insecurities (fear). I hope my past and future choices can empower you as you make yours.


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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