Free Will & Astrology

There are some who cast doubt upon or argue against the very notion of free will in any context. Let’s see what physics professor and co-author of string field theory Michio Kaku says:

“Fate” is simply a direction or outcome resulting from the momentum of one’s previous choices. Choices made without an understanding or feeling for the full consequences can create the sense that the results happened to us rather than from us. With that denial is a loss of power. Who would truly want to live in such a disempowered state?

Knowledge is power if we turn it into wisdom. And so it is with astrology.

Free Will in the context of Astrology

We live in a vast sea of relativity, and so works astrology: numerous planets creating overlapping torsion fields, the sun’s being the largest, all working relative to one another in constant flux. In other words, the planets do their thing synchronously with life on earth. They do not “rule” it or us.The planets urge, but do not compel.

Amnesia: you forgot you were free

The pre-existence of the soul establishes that a choice was made to live as a human being. We forget how this happened or how it works, but certainly the essential YOU was not created by the joining of a sperm and ovum.

The spiritual search is often much like the mind’s searching for some forgotten thing so essential for us to remember — about ourselves. In other words, it involves overcoming a kind of amnesia. Our true origins and identity have been largely forgotten. Religion often attempts to fill this void with a distorted picture that shows us innately deficient and with a “sinful” nature.

However, when we see the long-arcing, cyclical nature of human existence and the kaleidoscopic, cosmic nature of life, the momentary doubts or amnesia we experience can be put into perspective. Through our own free will we make choices to experience many facets of the immensity of existence in all its beauty — if only we see it — and to experience the transformative power of our singular Source of all Love seeded within us.

Apparently, the human hormone oxytocin (secreted by the hypothalamus and stored in the pituitary) triggers the birth process in the mother, causing the uterus to contract and push out the baby. Two things take place during heightened oxytocin levels: pleasurable bonding and memory loss … of where you were before. Now you are human bonding with mother.

Certainly a pleasurable birth here brings our focus to here, on earth. We then forget about ‘there’ — that we are inter-dimensional travelers who came from a place of more pure consciousness to be embodied as human.

The Fundamental Choice At Every Turn in Life

The fulcrum of free will is found at the question “Love or power?” If these are separate in our consciousness, then we have already set up a conflict that is the basis of the most far-reaching ills and evils humanity has ever seen. We are faced with this question everyday in our ordinary relationships in small ways no one really notices.

Adolf Hitler had the choice to remain an artist and to live as if on a mission to create, ignoring the harshness of the critics and their supercilious rejection. He did not, however, and became embittered and hateful. He chose power separated from love, dominance over a life of quiet creativity.

If Love is seen as weakness, something that makes you soft and vulnerable, something that can leave you hurting, then it is understandable that one sees it as not giving birth to power. After all, we want to protect and preserve ourselves. No one wishes to suffer. If one then opts for power apart from Love then little moral dilemmas line up like dominoes before us at every step on our path, becoming bigger and bigger as we ignore (conscience).

IF we are aware of the singular Source of Love Power, then we can understand that in our disappointments or rejections in life we can still love and accept ourselves. Even the golden rule illustrates the equivalency of relational love and unites it. To Love one’s neighbor as oneself reminds us we had better love ourselves or what we give to others will be poor indeed.

All this can be understood only if we do not see Love as ending at only feelings or as only license and indulgence. Love is the permanent residing place of real power. This, of course, is not the external morality of ego and appearances, but the internal morality of self-awareness (conscience).

Some Personal Experiences for Background

During a contemplative walk one day when I was about 20 (around 1990), I had the realization, Either God is Love or I’m an atheist. Either choice would have been understandable, but I chose ‘God is Love’ — Unconditional Love. In other words, Unconditional Love = God. This meant that any contradictions to this must be thrown out. The highest thing one can experience or achieve within oneself is this power of Unconditional Love.

At age 26 in deep meditation (while using the Edgar Cayce radial appliance) I entered what I can only refer to as the Universal Field of Compassion. I was simply engaging in meditation practice over a period of months until it happened. There was no aim to get there on my part. This might sound like a dramatic mystical experience, but it was so ordinary — profoundly ordinary. It showed me what surrounds and awaits for us to let go of our preoccupation with the million things and release our grip on all fear-based thought forms. When we do there is nothing but Unified Love waiting for us. I say Unified because the profoundness of the experience was in the simultaneity of total acceptance, total Compassion for self and others. They are one and the same.

It might seem like my writing here has gone far afield of the topic of free will , but it has not. Within the context of a Universal Love, we are free to believe whatever we like, to see life from many points of view over time, to repeat the same old mistakes or heartbreaks over and over. But we are also free to make choices that unify life in our eyes, that act from a sense of the connectedness of all beings and all things. The most powerful and far-reaching choices are those that unify our vision our vision of things and bring Love into sharp focus.

The unconditional Love of self-acceptance always extends to others. We are not separate, but simultaneous.

As the universe moves, creates, displays
we each like stars shine forth our rays
to show the beauty in every being
to see the same Source in every thing


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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