Overcoming EMF Sensitivity

Overcoming EMF Sensitivity

– Tools to rebalance energy

– Spacial boundaries

– Denser, higher level nutrition

In 2004-05 my EMF sensitivity was so bad that if someone turned on fluorescent lights in an adjacent room I would not only feel it, but would suffer an energy crash until I started using herbs appropriately and eliminated some unnecessary sources of these emanations. Sitting next to someone’s mobile phone for a 15-minute car ride left me feeling terrible, like I was rapidly coming down with the flu and it was only reversed by the use of homeopathic Sol 1M. This was my education by hard knocks, because I’d never even considered possible harmful effects from mobile phones until I experienced them personally.

For those who aren’t aware of the way that various types of electrical and magnetic fields can stress the body, even trigger disease potentials, I point you to the simple, easy-reading summary of the landmark epidemiology by researcher Samuel Milham, Dirty Electricity. EMF sensitivity is not some phantom problem affecting only the frail or the maudlin. It is a product of societal over-exposure due to an obsessive consideration of technology and so-called progress over health and safety. In other words, failure to use the precautionary principle.

However, there is no need to take an alarmist attitude. Given time the human body and energy system can adjust and overcome any challenge. Indeed this is how we evolve.

Tools to Rebalance Your Energy

Everything starts with energy and so does the human body. It has been understood for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that energy flow can become blocked and that its healthy, smooth flow can be restored using acupuncture and well-chosen herbs.

So it is important to have an effective method of personally balancing your energy on a regular basis. This puts it in your hands rather than relying on less frequent, less cost-effective acupuncture treatments. You could use a biocircuit of some type, the Edgar Cayce radial device, crystals that work for you, meditation, physical exercise, yoga or tai chi. Generally what works best is what is done in a peaceful, relaxed frame of mind. Exercise done with a negative, worried mind is of little if any benefit.

Energy can even be balanced by wise use of homeopathic remedies like Nat Mur for hypersensitivity, Sol for over-exposure to sun/EMF, X-ray similarly, as well as many others, depending on your constitutional type.

Spacial Boundaries

It is important to listen to your body and follow your intuition to know what electronic devices bother you and how far you have to stay away from them. This is especially important when sleeping. Keep your bed area well clear of any such things — including and especially cell phones, fluorescent lights of any type and any other type of cathode ray tube device.

A good rule of thumb if you are highly sensitive is to keep all magnets, speakers, electronic devices or anything that is plugged in about 10 feet from your bed. Give yourself time to recover while you …

Denser Nutrition Makes a Difference

Increasing my base nutritional levels of minerals especially has made a noticeable difference. Today’s modern environments of chemical and electronic pollution require more food for the body: minerals, amino acids and some vitamins.

– Minerals are more important than vitamins for our base physical functioning, particularly nerve function, which can be drained by EMF exposure. Full spectrum mineral supplements are often best. Alfalfa, Bee Pollen, Kelp Spirulina and Blue-Green Algae are mineral-dense herbs.

– Purified Iodine is essential for many people to recover healthy Thyroid function; Seaweeds can also be used: Kelp, Bladderwrack, Dulse, etc. Start with small amounts and build up slowly. The heart is also very electrical, so it can indicate over-exposure. Hawthorn berries are the best tonic for it.

– Chronic reversed polarity can be triggered by EMF over-exposure and can cause all kinds of energy disruptions including confusion, hyperactvity and depression. Correct reversed polarity with herbs that are energy regulating with a special affinity for the body’s energy system: Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, Spirulina, Blue-Green Algae, some Chinese constitutional formulas for boosting immunity/energy/yang. You don’t need to take all of them — just start well-informed and choose one or two best suited to your needs.

More B-vitamins may be needed by some people and nutritional yeast is a good source for these.


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  1. A tip on boosting nutrition from foods …

    Eggs. Most of us eat them. Then we throw away the Calcium-rich shells. Why? Wash them. Collect them in the refrigerator and each week toss them into a pot of water with all your uneaten vegetables before they go bad and simmer up a pot of nutrient rich broth. This can be used to make soups or consumed by itself. Either way you’re getting Calcium and Electrolytes you would have thrown away.

    Research on egg shell calcium: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed

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