Foundations of Natural Health

Today I want to show you something of what I’ve learned in many years of dealing with health issues, trying to stay healthy, and in my studies of health from a natural perspective.

How do we really build health using body-friendly tools? Here is how I sum it up, based on what I’ve learned and what has worked for me…


We have modern environments full of harmful chemicals that stress the liver and our entire bodies. Any one of these is not that big a deal, but all together they create a burden that can be debilitating to some people.

Herbs rich in Antioxidants have allowed me to live a normal life not hindered by my former chemical sensitivity. These herbs are full of preventive power. They are:

Milk Thistle seed

White Tea

Green Tea

Yerba Mate


Whole Leaf (with skin) Aloe Juice/gel

Grape seed

Selenium, a mineral component of antioxidants

Dried Wolfberries

Schizandra berries

There may be more herbs worth mentioning, including Acai, but these I’ve listed are the most powerful that can protect you daily using modest amounts. Here is the strategy that works for those experiencing the effects of chemical poisoning and toxic fatigue:

1. Try one herb at a time, increasing the dose until you either get some benefit or know there is no benefit. Most of these herbs are harmless, except for those (Yerba Mate, Tea) that have some stimulating effects from the xanthine alkaloids. Even those are relatively harmless compared to an herb like Ginseng, because their duration is shorter.

If you are having any liver area pain at all (right side under rib cage), start with Milk Thistle seeds. Don’t be afraid to take large amounts, especially in the first few days. Milk Thistle is a MUST for anyone undergoing chemo or who is exposed to chemicals in their work place. Take it for a month or two, then switch to something else for a while.

If you are encountering a sluggish brain, “brain fog”, start with Green (or double strength White) Tea.

If you are also experiencing a tendency for poor nutrition, anemia, etc, try Yerba Mate. Yerba Mate as powder or brewed at 160F has more antioxidants than Green Tea and with more nutrition. It can also assist in detoxification.

If you are experiencing poor circulation and sluggish digestion you might try Turmeric.

If you are experiencing overheating, over-exposure to the sun, hot flashes, loss of sexual lubrication try Whole Leaf Aloe Juice/gel, and maybe Wolf/Goji berries along with it.

If you are experiencing insomnia, unsettled nerves and exhaustion, then try Schizandra as part of your approach.

2. For best protection use two of these herbs simultaneously, like Milk Thistle and Green/White Tea. This creates a broader spectrum of protection through all body systems and against more chemicals.

If your usual herbs aren’t working any more then switch to Selenium for 2-3 weeks. I take 2-3 evenly spaced doses of the 200 mcg capsules. This will boost your body’s production of antioxidants, giving it more raw materials for a while until you can return to your usual effective herbs.

3. Take at least 2 doses per day, early and late. If you are still experiencing symptoms of toxic effects after a couple or three days, consider taking a mid-day dose to fully protect yourself.

If you have a period in which you get toxic look to simple homeopathic remedies like Petroleum 30c to undo the effects of Petroleum-based chemicals on your body. Here is a link to the homeopathic materia medica description of what the Petroleum remedy can address:

Greater Celandine

Also the herb Greater Celandine used in moderation can be helpful in cases in which the stomach and digestive functions are being negatively affected by acute liver toxicity. This means nausea, etc, after taking medications, and is a good indication that better preventive protective herbs are needed. Make this tea using no more than 1 tsp of the herb and no more than 1-2 times a week. Take it with extra herbal antioxidants like Yerba Mate or Green Tea.

Castor oil wraps are better for detoxification on an ongoing basis as this oil can be absorbed through the skin across the entire abdomen. Spread a thin layer of castor oil over your abdomen, liver, down to navel and cover with Saran wrap and leave there for several hours. Remove the oil by washing with a rag soaked in baking soda water.

4. Keep your antioxidant herb(s) with you and ingest within 20 minutes of exposure.

Ever been out to eat and get that funny feeling that your salad dressing contained MSG? Don’t worry, just prepare. Now you know to order Green Tea for your dinner beverage, but you can also be prepared with a few Tea bags (decaf works too) in purse or pocket so that you can protect yourself. This really works! I have done it for years and so has my mother. It prevents headaches, migraines and illness that would previously been certain to happen.

A tip: grind up your Green Tea or other herb and encapsulate in gelatine capsules or buy liquid extract for easier dosing I’m an herbal hard ass. I’ve swallowed or chewed up anything in just about any form, but I understand you don’t want to do that, so just be prepared with a form of the herb that makes for easy dosing.


In creating health we cannot lean on our strengths alone. This would create imbalance that would eventually stress out previously vigorous body systems. We must bolster our weaknesses.

I was born with a delicate constitution that leads me to exhaust easily if I don’t get good, easy-to-digest nutrition, whole proteins, quality rest and leisure, etc. What I also learned from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is that this inborn genetic ‘weakness’ can be turned into a strength.

Genetic weaknesses can be overcome with steady nutrition and common sense health measures! I learned to bolster Root Strength (water element/kidney/adrenal) with Tonic herbs like de-glued Deer Antler powder, a mostly mineral substance that has deep acting, mild astringent properties for the kidneys, as well as lots of bone building mineral content. Other formulas made with numerous herbs for balanced effect like Nature Sunshine Products KB-C have been very helpful.

Categories of body system troubles:

There are essentially 5 systems in the naturalistic elemental system of TCM:
– Water/urinary centered in the kidney/adrenal
– Earth/digestive centered in the spleen/stomach
– Wood/blood centered in the liver
– Fire/energy centered in the heart
– Metal/defense centered in the lungs/surface orifices (ear, nose, throat)

Fundamental strength or inherited genetic strength is centered in the Kidney/adrenal. This should be taken into consideration for any health struggles that show lack of strength repeated illnesses or exhaustion, ongoing fatigue, etc.

Digestive troubles have categories of herbs that can help relieve symptoms and rebuild those organs. Same with each other system. This approach is called constitutional herbology.


Find a way to balance your energy. It could be using a biocircuit, getting acupuncture or massage treatments often, or deep relaxed breathing. Tailor your approach based on whether you tend to excess/hyperactivity/busyness or deficiency/fatigue/lassitude. Your energy balancing approach will calm you down if you tend to be excessive/hyper or give you a boost if you normally lag behind.

For some people this one will have to be your first step to take before anything else will work well. You haven’t ‘lost’ energy so much as it has gotten stuck somewhere, imbalanced and isn’t working for you.

Often our attitudes, fears and expectations are affecting our energy flow more than we realize.


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Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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