Poem response to Alan Watts’ lecture on self-identity

In that body is a heart beating.
In that one is a Soul feeling.
Through those eyes the Divine is peeping
with a mouth asking,
“Remember me?
I am ugly.
I am beautiful.
I am everything.
I am you.
We are one.”

If I face that face with my face
expressing disdain
Am I self-effacing or self-disgracing?
If I open my arms to those arms
Am I reuniting or self-embracing?
Who knows.

Who is you.
In that body is a heart beating,
and in that one is a Soul feeling.
The Divine one peeping through memoried eyes
asking, “Remember me?”

2 am
22 August 2012


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, healer, professional astrologer. I'm dedicated to advancing the science and art of astrology. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification (for those with questionable charts or missing birth times). My focus is on helping people meet their purpose in life while understanding their options within that.
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