Where is your Awakening?

… And what is it calling you to do?

Uranus, the Awakener, activates us for a purpose

If you’ve been up all night or things seem to have descended into anarchic disorder, it isn’t random. There is a process here towards an ultimate end. Ask yourself, ‘What is the incoming message?’ During the reformation, restructuring process of the its square to Pluto, Uranus’ action can be intensified even more than usual.

Uranus Activating the Chiron-in-Aries Sub-Generation

For an entire sub-generation of us who were born when Chiron was in Aries (1968-77) Uranus has been or will be conjunct that Chiron point in our birth charts. This is a calling for radical healing that cannot be faked, forced or created in any way within the boundaries of one’s own orthodoxy, or society’s. A choice has to be made to Heal in a new way or activate Healing Power within oneself – or – have the old patterns of wounds reactivated just when you least expect it.

Into the Great Unknown

All of our greatest experiences we have yet to experience lie there in the unknown. There is nothing to fear!

Expect the unexpected and welcome it as the lightning bolts of the unknown reaching the earth plane of your here-and-now existence. Uranus is high level communication that gets your attention. It isn’t the vague stuff of dreamy visions or mystical moods. It goes past the tangle of language that Mercury the Messenger falls into. Uranus hits right on the real energy impulses that are needed to switch on that Eureka! Light Bulb over our rutted minds.

Transcendent and Cosmic Connectedness

It is a calling to connections that ignore shortsighted human boundaries with Divine Discontent and go where our parents and society has been afraid to go. It sometimes comes to us as the longing to *go beyond*.

It is quite a balance because Uranian urges ignore limits and despise delays. The Heavenly instantaneousness of it can leave the human mind believing that one’s own revelation was complete as soon as it has been obtained.

Getting Personal with Uranian Dynamics

In my own chart Uranus is in the 7th conjunct Chiron. Lately my larger sense of relationship to all people in society has been stirred up, my astrology practice and acceptance with others has grown. I’m wanting to return to the joys and transcendence of the energy healing I learned to do with people and animals several years ago. Thoughts of future public service in 15-20 years have been persistent. This current awakening process will culminate in 2014-15 when Uranus makes its parallel to my Asc (Virgo) at 5° North (and square natal Moon).

Uranus is now 6°14′ Aries, Pluto 9°30′ Capricorn, and Mars 4°22′ Virgo. For many of us with planets or points in those early degrees, both Mars and Uranus have been hitting these natal points. Mars-Uranus transits are the wakeful transits that keep us alert, energized. Especially strong are those angular aspects.

Uranus in Transit Aspect

Uranus pos. 4/24/2012 Aspect Planets in
6° Aries conjunct Chiron, 2-10 Aries
semi-sextile 5-7 Taurus or Pisces
sextile 2-10 Gemini or Aquarius
square 1-11 Cancer, Capricorn
trine 1-11 Leo, Sag
quincunx 4-8 Virgo, Scorpio
opposite 1-11 Libra
1°50′ North parallel early Aries, late Virgo
contra-parallel early Libra, late Pisces

Uranus in the Houses

1st – Personal shift: Awakening and tranformation of personal identity, body; shedding of old personal limitations.
2nd – Values shift: new income and attitudes towards money, freedom from material restraints, letting go of possessions.
3rd – New friends, routines and change of environment.
4th – Change of residence, changing one’s home/family setting and personal foundations.
5th – Renewal of Creative Life, sudden entry of children into your life (adoption?), learning spontaneous Love.
6th – Vocational renewal involving new schedules, ideas or technologies.
7th – Awakening, renewal of Relationships and standing with others.
8th – Psychic discovery, Sexual renewal, change in access to resources from others.
9th – Travel, even in mind, discovering new philosophies and new worlds.
10th – Career changes, career freedom, new opportunities and challenges in work life, professional notoriety.
11th – Change in your peer group identity, friends and lifestyle.
12th – Spiritual development, psychic healing and subconscious cleansing.

Poem: Uranus, Awakener

A thunderous rumbling rolls ground-wise;
I feel it in my legs.
The lightning has announced, “Fear not!”
but for some it is too late:
their nervous jump, however imperceptible,
reveals what lies inside.
A jolt-punch from the sky,
not like some Angel softening with its warning,
but like Thor’s hammer pounding,
as if it were searching – for me.
Is it searching for me?
No, it is the fear it seeks,
the fear we hold inside.
No longer relevant, its time long past;
the lightning bursts of unknown power burn it up –
if I will just release it,
and make room for something more.
Release it! Release it!
Ask the Heavens for renewal.
I release this fear, it is no longer mine.
I recognize the Universal Constant:
I am ready for change.
I am ready for a change.
Take the fear and fill its void!
I am ready for the best that I have yet experienced,
that lies waiting in the dark distance of the sky’s unknowns.
We’re going there, this Gaia ship,
and we will not return.
Take this fear and fill its void,
Oh, sky, full sky,
large enough to fill this cavern cave of constant craving.
I release this fear, now fill its void!

© Joseph Brandon “Kannon” McAfee, 24 April 2012


About Kannon McAfee

Poet, herbalist/healer, professional astrologer. Kannon means Kwan Yin -- healer. So I approach my work and others with a healer's heart. I'm dedicated to advancing astrology as a soul-oriented science. My specialty is birth chart interpretation and rectification.
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6 Responses to Where is your Awakening?

  1. Perianne says:

    “Take this far and fill its void,” Great poem and informative post. 😀

  2. I’m trying to grapple how to start a new blog page as an open mic symposium for poets (many of whom are astro-poets). Your interest or input with the technicalities is most welcome!

    I had a poetry thread going in the Dienst from late 2008-early 2010: “Odes to Pluto”. Trolls and administrators helped me close it down.

    My blog: http://melusined.com/

  3. Soile says:

    very beautiful and insightful poem. my heart thanks you!

  4. Intense! Love the poem! You are clearly a Uranus person as far I can, in my limited experience of you, tell 😉 It’s in the eyes too! Lol. I think I am as well! So I stumbled upon your blog through a thread (which I also stumbled upon…) and then saw your pic there and no word of a lie you were in a meditation I had just last night! Your faced “jumped in front of mine” out of nowhere and scared the shit out of me. You were driving a truck too I think. Random. Anyway thought I should share that. And by the way, huge Edgar Cayce fan for the last few years and to top it off have had a copy of John Willner’s The Perfect Horoscope sitting next to my computer for a week. I’m not a weirdo or anything by the way – I’m a happily married-ish mother of 2 boys age 3 and 6 months who is just discovering, well, everything. And I thought it was pretty amazing that I just followed the signs today for fun and ended up here!

    My birth info (in case you are at all interested in who the hell this strange lady is lol- I know I would be curious in the reverse situation) is July 10, 1978 Melville, (SK), Canada 2 PM
    If you have any comments on it I would be happy to hear them. Maybe you even do this professionally? In which case I am now being tacky…lol
    Ok I’m out

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